Abs - Live Classes on Catch Up

Abs - Live Classes on Catch Up

A selection of our weekly Dancer Refined Abs live classes recorded for you to catch up! Why not join us live online in our daily small group classes? Book single classes or class packs via the Live Classes link in the menu of our sleekballetfitness.com homepage

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Abs - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Ladder Abs

    An endless ladder! Step up and up and up with this mat to centre core workout that builds in challenge every time

  • Dancer Abs - Catch Up with Susan

    Live from her home in California, this full-body class with Principal Sleek trainer Susan White just keeps on giving! Take the Susan core challenge ;)

  • Dancer Refined Abs with Susan

    Catch up with our Principal trainer Susan in her weekly abs class that will help achieve a strong, toned, dancer core

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Contract!

    This class is a fun and effective way to engage your abs. Work front and side contractions for a refined core and to strengthen your balance. Work at a steady pace but still build up a sweat!

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Sustain

    Master sustained adage interspersed with low impact cardio for ultimate core control and strength

  • Dance Cardio - Abs and Booty

    A supercharged, multifunctional dance cardio workout! Hit all three key areas in under 30mins. Work your abs, legs and get your cardio kick in one, dancer style!

  • Abs and Booty - Dance Cardio

    Hit all three key areas in 30mins. Work your abs, legs and get your cardio kick, dancer style! Lift your mood and your booty with this fun, super-effective ballet body workout

  • Dancer Refined Abs Catch Up

    Using counterbalance not crunchies to define your dancer abs. Super effective and a satisfying sweat!