Full Body - Beginners

Full Body - Beginners

Simplified steps but still achieving awesome ballet body results.

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Full Body - Beginners
  • Sassy - Sculpt & Sweat

    Challenge your body with some opposing moves. Use internal and external rotation while you ripple and high kick through this Sassy combo.

  • Third Eye Chakra - Visualisation and Balance

    Visualisation, openness and imagination are centred around the third eye chakra. In this workout, work through balances and turns to release blocked energy located between the eye brows and improve balance, tone and strength.

  • Crown Chakra - Total body wellbeing

    This final workout in the series focuses on the seventh chakra located at the top of the head. Encompass a full mind body workout that will leave you feeling connected and fulfilled.

  • Core Adage - Balance

    Slower paced training to improve strength, balance and core stability with precise floor and barre exercises that prep your muscles for the next level in a series of ultra toning, balancing sequences in the centre

  • Full Ballerina Body 1

    Full Ballerina Body includes an artistic warm up, barre, centre practice and cool down for the ultimate, ballet workout

  • Full Ballerina Body 3

    Our most classical workout, a total ballerina body class. Includes mat work, barre and centre

  • Flex, Stretch and Tone

    A unique class to Sleek. Fire up, tone and lengthen your muscle fibres to improve technique, strength and flexibility

  • Classical Cardio - Fourth Position

    Master new footwork while raising your heart rate and burning fat for a lean dancer like physique. In this workout we practice fourth position with transfers, a step that you'll use again and again and will keep you in the fat burning zone

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Floor Barre

    An essential, all levels workout that you can do every day on its own or before any other workout. This will strengthen and sculpt your muscles safely and effectively, improving technique, core strength and posture

  • Sassy Showgirl - Legs

    Get lean and sassy in this fun, dance-filled workout

  • 5 Minute Sleek Warm Up

    Prepare yourself, get muscles fired and get ready to Sleek!

  • 5 Minute Sleek Cool Down

    The perfect way to end your Sleek session. It helps you lengthen muscles and stay injury-free.

  • Classical Cardio - Fifth Position

    Progress into fifth position while still nailing the basics of all your Sleek balletic workouts and getting lean and toned, dancer style.

  • Immune Boosting Workout

    A full-body workout with the added benefit of boosting your immune system. Increase blood flow, improved oxygenation, reduce stress and release endorphins all while creating beautiful dancer tone.

  • Active Stretch - Supermodel Series

    Classical movements with luxurious stretches to flatten out muscle fibers and keep our joints happy, for a supple, healthy body