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Core - Intermediate to Challenging

Core - Intermediate to Challenging

Get your dance on for even better abs no crunchies insight!

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Core - Intermediate to Challenging
  • 40min Complete Dancer Abs

    Ab-defining mat work, fantastic standing dance sequence, great pace, toning and strength building, this 40-minute session has it all. Join all three of us to motivate you through this rewarding Sleek session.

  • Vacation Express - 10 Min Glutes, Core & Stretch

    My go-to holiday exercises! Minimum time maximum results, works multiple areas, great on its own or perfectly paired with Vacation Express - 10 Min Legs & Waistline.

  • Sleek Sculpt Abs & Glutes

    Join me in the sun for 4 top exercises to express shape your abs and glutes This fluid sequence will leave you feeling wonderfully worked and supple and lengthened. V x

  • Sleek in the Tropics - Core, with Lizzie

    Live from her home in Brazil Sleek trainer, pro dancer and performance artist Lizzie Van Dam delivers a full-body, core-focused sensation! Feel the sun on your skin and a satisfying burn in your muscle :)

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Love your Core

    Shower your abdominals with love with this continuously moving, classically inspired class. We'll work through heart rate elevating sequences in the centre and a sculpting mat practice for a total abdominal treat.

  • Optimal Abs

    A no equipment, unique and beautifully choreographed 3 part class designed to work your entire core. Whether you're a classical or fitness loving Sleeker, you'll want to add this challenging, punchy routine to your regime!

  • Unconventional Abs

    A 10-minute standing ab workout without a crunchie in sight! Four super effective ballet-based fitness moves for distinctive Sleek ab definition. Perfectly paired with Bullet Point Abs mat workout

  • Bullet Point Abs

    Not a minute wasted. Get straight to the point with this compact super-effective ab sequence that really works!

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Core Cardio

    A killer combo! A full-body, super, upbeat workout with added core and cardio focus for maximum results!

  • Mat Abs - Resist and Define

    Reset your body and your endurance levels with this short, intense, low impact mat workout. You’ll test your whole body with both intense and controlled movements including resistance work, rotational arabesque movements and fluid plank sequences for total torso definition

  • 10 Min Sculpt & Sweat Abs

    Designed to work your core from every angle to sculpt the Sleekest Abs fast!

  • Dance Cardio - Abs and Booty

    A supercharged, multifunctional dance cardio workout! Hit all three key areas in under 30mins. Work your abs, legs and get your cardio kick in one, dancer style!

  • Dancer Refined Abs Mat - Fire

    It's time to get motivated, strong and defined. This is mat work that will get your core fired up and break a serious sweat. Watch out for the standing abs follow up too.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Complete

    A three-course workout for your abs! Dance this one out to completely refine and define your abs.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Dance

    Working your abs both laterally and in rotation for a beautifully cinched in waist! Dance your way to fantastic abdominal definition.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Progression

    Work up to a dance sequence from mat to standing progressing to big range, fluid dance movements safely and effectively for great ab result!

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Swan Lake

    Get ballerina ab strength as a ballerina does. A beautiful Swan Lake inspired, compact core workout.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Balance

    Fire up your core to stay balanced during this workout. This is where the real shaping happens! An entire torso tightener in under 15 minutes.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Shred

    Work your entire core in 10 minutes that really counts! Get lean, get strong, get centred with this essential, Sleek, power packed mat ab workout. Suitable for all levels

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Abs

    A steady-paced trio of 10-minute workouts suitable for all levels. This one focuses on total core tone.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Cardio

    Dancer Refined Abs meets Cardio Abs! Practice a balletic series of turning, twisting and lateral movements with short, intermittent cardio work to tighten and reveal a strong, defined a core

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Strive

    A total torso toning workout. Mat and standing exercise for a defined, strong dancer core. A fast paced, must do Sleek core workout

  • Core Adage - Sense

    Engage and strengthen your key core muscles with controlled mat work, before building to a full, artistic adage sequence in the centre. Train your core to keep readjusting so you stay upright, tone your muscles and feel stronger than ever while you exercise your inner ballerina.

  • Legs and Abs with Sleek Guest Trainer Ramon Sanchez

    Designed to alternate between working your abs and core before putting all that newly created muscle power together to finish with a mat exercise that will simultaneously define every inch of both.