• Sleek Ballet Fitness Membership

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    Get access to the entire ballet body shaping Sleek workout library, weekly Live classes on catch up with Flik and Victoria themselves and fantastic workout programs to guide you every step of the way

  • Ballerina Body Nutrition Plan

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    Our Ballerina Body Nutrition Programme has been created alongside top nutritionist, Sarah Grant of Gut Reaction. This beautiful, optimized ebook is packed with well-planned meals in a super flexible pick and mix style. Download on any device to keep it to hand and easily prep the day's delicious ...

  • Sleek Barre Technique Series

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    Classical barre work is a ballerina staple. These 3 beautiful, complete Sleek barre workouts are designed to shape your lower body dancer style! If lean shapely legs and a firm, lifted butt are what you are after then these workouts are for you.

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Series

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    The famous Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Series. This set of 3 total-body workouts will guide you through beginner, intermediate to advance while burning fat and creating beautiful lean muscle tone. Includes tutorial, separate Sleek warm up and cool down videos.

  • Sleek Ballet Body Sculpt Series

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    A brilliant programme to sculpt your chosen body area. Top and tail your favourite 10min sculpt workout with the Sleek warm-up cnd Cool down included for the perfect body shaping workout

  • Sleek Shred Series 1

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    Three power-packed, 10-minute mat workouts designed to shred fat, tone up and strengthen their focused area. One for the lower body, one for upper and one for your core. This mini workout series has your whole Sleek physique covered.

  • Sleek - Essentials

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    A series of 3 Essential workouts specifically designed for Beginner levels but suitable for everyone. Tone your core, lower and upper body and tighten up your technique with the this highly effective area ballerina body workout. All you need is 10 minutes for each focused area.