Ballerina Body Nutrition Plan

Ballerina Body Nutrition Plan

Our Ballerina Body Nutrition Programme has been created alongside top nutritionist, Sarah Grant of Gut Reaction. This beautiful, optimized ebook is packed with well-planned meals in a super flexible pick and mix style. Download on any device to keep it to hand and easily prep the day's delicious selection of clean, simple, nutrition-dense food. It is designed without gimmicks to totally re-balance your gut and re-energize you. It includes and is perfectly paired with our Full Ballerina Body Workout so you can get your body in beautiful shape both inside and out.

The food is all designed to be very accessible and easy to obtain and most importantly:
· High nutrient density
· Blood sugar balancing
· Good quality, lean proteins
· Healthful fats e.g. avocado, nuts (includes some eggs)
· Low starchy carbohydrates (different to no carbs)
· Gluten-free and minimal dairy
· Easy to prepare – 15 to 20 minutes max

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Ballerina Body Nutrition Plan

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