Love Ballet Workout Duo

Love Ballet Workout Duo

2 beautiful classical ballet workouts designed to be alternated. Feel like you are in a real ballet class, all you need is a chair or something to act as a barre. Each session works your entire ballerina body from head to toe, but each has a different focus area to accelerate your results and technique across the week. Suitable for those with some dance experience.

Love Ballet Workout Duo
  • Love Ballet Duo Intro

    Designed to be alternated daily, the Love Ballet Duo is the perfect pair of workouts to alternate for full ballerina body strength, tone and definition. Recommended for those with some existing dance experience.

  • Full Ballerina Body - Love Ballet

    A dance-filled barre and center for a full ballerina body workout. Muscle toning, fat burning, mood-lifting. Added focus on luscious lower body shaping.

  • Love Ballet - Allegro

    A beautiful, fun and challenging 40min classical class for full body refinement and a cardio kick. Practice and perfect 2 gorgeous balletic steps, Temp de cuisse and Renversé.