Sleek Junior - The Love of Ballet Tutorial

Sleek Junior - The Love of Ballet Tutorial

Let your child discover their love of dance at home with pro ballerina and Sleek co-founder, Victoria Marr. Dance together with them through this series of bite-sized videos based on the world's best-loved ballets. Exploring ballet technique as well as movement, musicality and self-expression. The beautiful elements of dance that we are never too young or old to be enriched by.

Sleek Junior - The Love of Ballet Tutorial
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  • The Love of Ballet - Intro

    Bite-sized videos for children and parents to explore movement, musicality and expression through some of the world's best-loved ballets

  • Ballet Basics

    Let's start by learning a few of the key positions we use in classical ballet.

  • Warm Up Ballet Class

    Get your body warm and practice regularly to improve your fitness and technique. Ballet class also set us up in a great frame of mind for the day. Grab your mat and a chair and let's get going.

  • Sleeping Beauty

    In our first tutorial, we are working on balance and poise in Sleeping Beauty and the famous Rose Adage.

  • Cinderella

    In Cinderella, we work on blending our step hop in arabesque (temp levé) with our bourree runs and balancé. Don't worry if it takes you a few goes to master the steps, try to embody the light, magical feeling as you daydream of going to the ball.

  • Little Red Riding

    Little Red Riding Hood is a fantastic scene to explore telling a story with our face and body. Listen for the clear notes in the music to take our creeping walks and imagine you are surrounded by trees deep in the woods.

  • Improvisation

    Now it's your turn to free things up and move to the music. Listen to the different accents and tempo. Why not try using some of the steps we have covered?