Sleek Shred Series 1

Sleek Shred Series 1

Three power-packed, 10-minute mat workouts designed to shred fat, tone up and strengthen their focused area. One for the lower body, one for upper and one for your core. This mini workout series has your whole Sleek physique covered.

Sleek Shred Series 1
  • Dancer Refined Abs - Shred

    Work your entire core in 10 minutes that really counts! Get lean, get strong, get centred with this essential, Sleek, power packed mat ab workout. Suitable for all levels

  • Sleek Shred - Ballerina Back & Arms

    Upper body tone fast in the power pack 10 minutes! Great on its own or the perfect add on when you want rapid results in a focused area.

  • Sleek Shred - Perfect Pro Legs

    Short on time? This express 10min workout gets your lower body lean, fast!