Core - Beginner

Core - Beginner

Concentrate on getting dancer abs with simpler exercises that still give maximum results!

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Core - Beginner
  • Dancer Refined Abs - Strive

    A total torso toning workout. Mat and standing exercise for a defined, strong dancer core. A fast paced, must do Sleek core workout

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Essentials

    Learn how to work your core, dancer style. This designed for beginners but effective for all levels. Not a crunch in sight!

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Dancer Refined Abs

    The second series of this popular trio of workouts. This one has your abs total worked in 10mins!

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Shred

    Work your entire core in 10 minutes that really counts! Get lean, get strong, get centred with this essential, Sleek, power packed mat ab workout. Suitable for all levels

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Mat

    Three modifications of each exercise to gradually push yourself on in this innovative mat workout. Great on its own or perfectly paired with Dancer Refined Abs - Dance

  • 10 Minute Mat Abs

    A short but super effective ab sculpting workout. Beautiful Slee ab definition and tone in 10 short minutes!

  • 10 Minute Abs - Standing

    Tone, shape, strengthen and dance! Feel the difference in your core in under ten minutes. Not a crunch or piece

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Progression

    Work up to a dance sequence from mat to standing progressing to big range, fluid dance movements safely and effectively for great ab result!

  • Sleek 10min Mat Abs

    A short, effective ab chiseling mat workout. Great on its own or add on to another Sleek workout.

  • Dancer Refined Abs Mat - Fire

    It's time to get motivated, strong and defined. This is mat work that will get your core fired up and break a serious sweat. Watch out for the standing abs follow up too.

  • Dancer Refined Abs Standing - Fire

    The follow on to your latest mat abs - Fire. Short and highly effective. Use it on its own or follow it on from Mat Abs for a true, dancer refined core