Stretch - Live Classes on Catch Up

Stretch - Live Classes on Catch Up

Lengthen and refine your muscles balletically, live with us from our home studios, on catch up. Or book a slot live in one of our daily live two-way interactive Zoom classes for feedback and to accelerate your results! Book via the live class link in the menu of we love seeing new faces in class.

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Stretch - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Active Stretch - Move and Melt

    Prepare to work classical movements with deep luxurious stretches. A class to open your body fully

  • Pure Stretch NEW - Catch Up Live

    Luxuriating, targeted stretches to lengthen out muscle fibres, increase flexibility and aid stiffness. Just grab your mat and enjoy!

  • Sleek Super Stretch

    A beautifully thorough class with the Sleek queen of stretching, Sophie. This workout will help you achieve even the most challenging of poses.

  • Ballerina Stretch Class

    A Full Body classical stretch class to relax, enjoy and lengthen

  • Active Stretch Lift and Lengthen

    A juicy, joyful way to lengthen out muscle fibres and feel your energy lift. Grab your mat and let's dance!

  • Sleek Stretch - live with Sophie

    A brilliant full-body stretch class with Sleek Principal trainer Sophie recorded live from her London studio. Sophie is the queen of super-effective stretch work! This is one to practice and improve on. Your body will thank you.

  • Active stretch and splits

    Stress less and get stretched! A luxurious, full body, low impact class which gently raises your heart rate and builds to splits. Perfect to start or finish your day

  • Active Stretch - Sweat

    A collaboration live class with Sweaty Betty. You will earn your stretch with a bit of sweat in this total tone and muscle lengthening workout.

  • Active Stretch Catch Up

    Raise your heart rate gently in between sections of lengthening and stretching. A full body treat!