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Cardio - Intermediate and Challenging

Cardio - Intermediate and Challenging

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Cardio - Intermediate and Challenging
  • *NEW* Sleek Complete

    Sculpt, Tone, Dance, Enjoy! This Sleek full-body workout has got everything covered. All you need is a chair and a mat to start sculpting your legs, arms, and core as well as improve your cardio.

  • NEW Sassy Dance Cardio - Chance to Dance

    Get ready to dance like everybody is watching! Learn an awesome, new, high energy, Sassy dance routine with Flik and unleash your inner dancer while torching calories, gaining mobility, improving co-ordination and feeling your most confident self.

  • Full Body Cardio High

    Join Principal trainer Sophie and give it your all in this full body cardio class. You’ll work all the muscle groups in your body with high-energy movements in the centre before hitting the mat for added strength, tone and definition.

  • Renew Retreat - Sleek HIT

    The Daily Renew Retreat series will reset your body, increase your energy levels, start to define your muscles, torch calories and help anti-age your body.
    Take just 5 minutes in the middle of your day to move your body, torch calories, raise your metabolism and re-energise body & mind

  • No Jump Cardio Torch!

    You don’t need to jump to torch calories and increase fitness, energy and confidence levels! You’ll love this punchy, classical cardio workout that raises your heart rate without leaving the ground.

  • No Jump Cardio!

    Think cardio has to be high impact? This workout gets you all the highs without the impact which makes it easy on your joints while still getting fat burning, fitness elevating, results.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Let's Go!

    Shape up fast with this sure-fire cardio burn! Learn 4 classical steps then build them into an intense heart-raising dance sequence. Strengthen and lengthen to finish then why on hit New Sassy Showgirl - Let's Go!

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Relevé

    If you have been loving the new Bootcamp Barre - Cardio, you will love this cardio center workout! Use some of the same super effective, dynamic classical movements to raise your heart rate and get lean and fit dancer style

  • Cardio Back & Arms Bootcamp

    Upper Body, Abs & Cardio in one! Maximum dancing, maximum results. Get turning, jumping, sweating and shaping in this Bootcamp style workout.

  • Advanced Cardio Ballet Blast - Catch Up Live

    Are you ready for a balletic cardio challenge? This workout is packed with fast footwork and quick port de bras arms to raise your heart rate so you burn maximum calories and keep your metabolism high for hours after.

  • Cardio Blast - Pas de basque

    Classical movements including pas de basque, set to a punchy beat to raise your heart rate and refine your technique.

  • Summer Cardio Blast

    A short but challenging, dance-filled cardio blast to raise your heart rate burn fat and get Summer ready! A great add on to any of your other Sleek workouts

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Core Cardio

    A killer combo! A full-body, super, upbeat workout with added core and cardio focus for maximum results!

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Allegro

    A classical, lower-body focused, heart raising cardio blast that will get you in super Sleek shape fast! Perfectly paired with Ballerina Back & Arms Blast.

  • Classical Cardio Blast - Rise!

    Classical AND fitness loving Sleekers, this 20min express workout is for you - get your metabolism soaring and your heart pumping while you literally fly through this class and prep your body for a luxurious splits stretch. Finish feeling stronger and fitter and ready to take on your day.

  • Abs and Booty - Dance Cardio

    Hit all three key areas in 30mins. Work your abs, legs and get your cardio kick, dancer style! Lift your mood and your booty with this fun, super-effective ballet body workout

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Abs

    An ab focused, dance cardio blast you will love doing and love the 'core'tastic results!

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Sweat!

    Designed to challenge your fitness levels and your footwork, this is fast but achievable. We use repetition of two balletic movements so you can familiarise yourself quickly with what is coming next for maximum high intensity results

  • Dance Cardio - Abs and Booty

    A supercharged, multifunctional dance cardio workout! Hit all three key areas in under 30mins. Work your abs, legs and get your cardio kick in one, dancer style!

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Fly

    A super effective, dance-filled cardio blast that will leave you feeling worked uplifted and energised!

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Original

    A classic dancy Sleek cardio ballet blast at a steady pace

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Surge

    Join Victoria in this stunning, effective and balletic cardio workout. Expect to jump, sweat and refine your physique. Complete with mat toning and cool down

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Jump!

    Want to get dancing and get sweaty and short on time? Work your heart rate with a sequence of balancés and sautés (waltzes and jumps) to put a high intensity kick into your day. Practice CBB workouts 3 times a week for a lean dancer physique.

  • Cardio Dance -Express!

    Want to burn fat and calories in under 15 minutes while you dance? This is the workout for you! Get lean by dancing Sleek style with this choreographed sequence for those in a rush