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Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • Ballet Booty - Squeeze

    Glutes and hamstrings get a sleek squeeze in this lower back strengthening, booty firing live class

  • Beginners Floor Barre

    Warm up, stretch and tone in this simple feel-good floor barre workout. A great start to the day or to proceed any of your other sleek workouts

  • Cardio Abs - No Jump Sweat!

    Raise your heart rate, strengthen and tone your core but keep your feet on the ground in this 30 minute live class with Flik

  • Full Body Cardio High

    Join Principal trainer Sophie and give it your all in this full body cardio class. You’ll work all the muscle groups in your body with high-energy movements in the centre before hitting the mat for added strength, tone and definition.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Classical 1

    A really popular live class to shape your dancer-like legs fast! Simple, super-effective classical moves to redefine your lower body.

  • Ballet is Beautiful - Rotate

    The second class in our Ballet is Beautiful series. Engaging mat into a stunning classical centre practice that works the entire body

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Challenge

    Our best full-body Ballet Bootcamp workouts and tips programmed into a 3 week fun, Summer fitness, fast track! NEW to our Workout Progam Section

  • Classical Cardio - Aurora

    A short and effective classical cardio to raise your heart rate and refine the muscles of your legs particularly. Great on its own as part of the full Aurora workout coming soon!

  • 40min Original Sleek Ballet Bootcamp

    Remastered, the workout that launched Sleek onto the fitness stage! A decade on, with over 3 million views this is still a winning workout in every way. We just had to bring the ultimate full-body, original Sleek Ballet Bootcamp workout back for our 10-year anniversary!

  • Natural Resistance - Beach Express

    Join me live on the beach or just pop a pair of socks on and really use the push-and-pull action along your floor at home to add natural resistance to every movement. Fantastic for super quick tone, strength and beautiful muscle symmetry.

  • Fluid Abs

    Keep flowing through this challenging and beautiful way to work your entire core

  • Renew Retreat - Trailer

    Are you looking for a totally different way to approach your daily workout regime? In just one day, Daily Renew will reset your body, increase your energy levels, start to define your muscles, torch calories and help anti-age your body.

    This 3 workout series is designed to be used once a week, a...

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Live Class

    A feel good full body bootcamp with extra focus on leg tone and strength.

  • Total Pro Legs and Glutes

    A total lower body workout that moves at a steady pace for added tone, definition and muscle symmetry. Feel strong and worked in under 20 minutes

  • Beginners Back & Arms Class

    Simple and effective mat work and short standing sequence suitable for all levels to tone your arms and free up your back

  • Bootcamp Sweat to Stretch!

    Extended length Bootcamp! Get your full body sweat on with an extra long stretch for the perfect finale that leaves you feeling strong, energised and worked!

  • Perfect Pro Legs & Glutes Complete

    A near 40-minute workout to take your leg and booty shaping to the next level. You will need a chair and mat for the first half of this class and your Sleek stamina for the second half as we dance or way to truly gorgeous ballerina legs.

  • Mind & Body Barre Class

    Really work and shape your lower body while you calm and settle your mind. Includes mat and barre.

  • Ballet is Beautiful!

    A unique and energising mat sequence followed by a purely classical centre practice that you’ll love!

  • Upper Body Bootcamp

    A full-body, feel-good class with a focus on great toning as well as releasing tension in the muscles of the upper body.

  • Abs & Booty - Let's Switch!

    Join Flik & Sophie for fiery mat abs and glutes focused centre work for ultra shaping, strength & tone. Add this to your weekly Sleeking for amazing results for your whole body.

  • Love to stretch - Barre

    Start or end your day feeling totally stretched out and gently worked in this 30 minute live class.

  • Core Adage - Swan Lake

    Dancing with strength and control. A fat-burning workout of a different kind! Lots of core and leg work is what's needed for some infamous Swan Lake Adage.

  • No time to Sleek - Legs and Core workout

    When you think you've got no time to workout, this 10 minute legs & abs class will fix it - mat and centre, cardio, strength and tone, all in one!