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Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • Dynamic Barre - Live Class

    All about legs! This week's barre class works up steadily to a light cardio pace keeping a strong focus on our inner thighs, glutes, thighs and calves

  • Ballerina Power Your Upper Body

    Mobility and strong, long holds, built into fluid movements for ballerina muscular refinement in 30 minutes

  • Perfect Pro Legs Bootcamp

    A total leg workout that gets your whole body dancing! If you loved the Switch Up Core and Upper body then this is the perfect addition. Defining, firming mat work followed by fat-burning, dance-filled centre work

  • Sculpt Shake & Sweat - Trailer

  • Love Ballet - Festive Full Body Workout

    A beautiful balletic workout to keep your full body (and your spirits) in prime shape over Christmas and beyond! Grab a chair to act as your barre and work your legs, core, upper body and cardio all in 30 minutes!

  • Legs of Steel

    A fantastic workout to leave you feeling worked, lengthened and pushed. The lower body focus gets a burn going but you'll walk away feeling great and looking forward to doing it again!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Switch Up - Core

    Everything you need in 30mins. A complete full-body workout with a strong core focus for fantastic body results! Designed to alternate with Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Switch Up - Upper Body. Switch them up each day for a quick sculpting week of Sleek.

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Switch Up - Upper Body

    Everything you need in 30mins. A complete full-body workout including a strong upper-body focus for fantastic body results! Designed to alternate with Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Switch Up - Core. Switch them up each day for a quick sculpting week of Sleek.

  • Express Abs and Arms

    Can't fit in your full 'Switch Up' workout? Little is better than nothing. Grab 5 minutes and combine both areas in this express Abs and Arms sequence.

  • Do the Splits - Front and Middle!

    Do the splits! Follow these effective, targeted, dancer splits stretches and feel and see the results. Become more flexible and work deeper into your splits in no time. Practice 4-6 times a week.

  • Love Ballet - Allegro

    A beautiful, fun and challenging 40min classical class for full body refinement and a cardio kick. Practice and perfect 2 gorgeous balletic steps, Temp de cuisse and Renversé.

  • Proprioception Ballet Body

    Create balance and strength in this all levels class

  • Everyday Barre

    A brisk daily barre for a full-body workout! My everyday staple, wherever I am for a speedy total body barre blast V x

  • No Jump Cardio Torch!

    You don’t need to jump to torch calories and increase fitness, energy and confidence levels! You’ll love this punchy, classical cardio workout that raises your heart rate without leaving the ground.

  • Luscious Limbs - Low Impact Live Class

    A low-impact class focussing on the small and large muscle groups of the legs, back and arms for beautifully toned limbs, improved balance and posture.

  • Sassy and Sleek

    It's all the Sassy you want in 30 minutes with Flik - warm up, dance and mat - let's go!

  • 30min Full Body - with Jenna

    Combine stretching with core, upper and lower work for a full body, feel good make-over on the mat

  • 15min Upper Body - with Jenna

    Calm, fluid but with intense focus on sculpting your ballerina back and arms

  • Standing Full Body Express - With Jenna

    Perfect for shaping your whole body whilst working on the strength and functionality of your movements to prepare you for all your other Sleek workouts.

  • 10min Pro Abs - with Jenna

    Perfect for those of you short on time. Each session will help strengthen your core, lengthen and balance your body.

  • 15min Barre & Burn - with Jenna

    For those of you looking to turn up the heat, this class is your ticket to an intense session that will have you feeling the burn in no time. Regular sessions will build strength and create a long, lean, and sculpted figure.

  • Full Ballerina Body - Love Ballet

    A dance-filled barre and center for a full ballerina body workout. Muscle toning, fat burning, mood-lifting. Added focus on luscious lower body shaping.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Plié and Pulse

    Build on this extra effective leg shaping sequence for a strong, sleek lower body

  • Posture Perfecter - With Sophie

    A calm but uplifting class for your mood as well as your posture. Sleek Principal trainer Sophie guides you through this beautiful upper-body class live from Croatia.