Cardio - Beginners

Cardio - Beginners

We dance, we get sweaty but at a pace where we learn the Sleek basics as we get lean and strong. You won't even notice you're working out!

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Cardio - Beginners
  • Classical Cardio - Fourth Position

    Master new footwork while raising your heart rate and burning fat for a lean dancer like physique. In this workout we practice fourth position with transfers, a step that you'll use again and again and will keep you in the fat burning zone

  • Classical Cardio - Fifth Position

    Progress into fifth position while still nailing the basics of all your Sleek balletic workouts and getting lean and toned, dancer style.

  • Classical Cardio - Supermodel Series

    New to Sleek or ballet? Let this balletic beginner workout guide you as you shape and sculpt your dancer body and gently lift your heart rate