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Stretch Workouts

Stretch Workouts

Supple, lengthened muscles will not only increase your flexibility but support healthy joints and good body alignment. These are must do workouts to incorporate into your weekly Sleek regime

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Stretch Workouts
  • Beginners Floor Barre

    Warm up, stretch and tone in this simple feel-good floor barre workout. A great start to the day or to proceed any of your other sleek workouts

  • Renew Retreat - Maximum Mobility

    Daily Renew will reset your body, increase your energy levels, start to define your muscles, torch calories and help anti-age your body.
    End your day with Maximum Mobility to anti-age muscles and joints, keep you supple, strong and stress-free as you unwind from the day

  • Luxurious Sleek Stretch

    A beautiful calming full body feel good stretch. Perfectly paired with Full Ballerina Body - Diamond

  • Sculpt Shake & Sweat - Cool Down

    The hard work is over, let's cool it down and lengthen out together in 6 minutes of essential you time.

  • Sleek Super Stretch

    A beautifully thorough class with the Sleek queen of stretching, Sophie. This workout will help you achieve even the most challenging of poses.

  • Red Hot Cool Down and Stretch

    The perfect finish to your mini Red Hot series. Wind down and lengthen out on your mat

  • Body & Mind Ballerina Stretch - Calm

    A full-body ballerina stretch class. Designed for your total well-being, body and mind. Suitable for all levels but finishing with a 5-minute super-stretch challenge to work towards ;)

  • Sleek Stretch - live with Sophie

    A brilliant full-body stretch class with Sleek Principal trainer Sophie recorded live from her London studio. Sophie is the queen of super-effective stretch work! This is one to practice and improve on. Your body will thank you.

  • 5 Minute Sleek Cool Down

    The perfect way to end your Sleek session. It helps you lengthen muscles and stay injury-free.

  • 10 min Sleek Zen Stretch

    A calming, lengthening stretch to improve your flexibility, muscle length and mindset. A great way to start or finish your day.

  • Full Body Feel Good Stretch

    A longer all level total body, feel-good stretch. This workout is suitable for every day. It will improve your posture and flexibility, prevent injuries, lower stress levels and give you a great sense of balance and well being.

  • Pure Stretch - Chill

    This body and mind releasing class will stretch you out in order to keep muscles and joints supple, helping you to improve and realign posture so you can exercise more efficiently with better form and keep your body injury free.

  • Pure Stretch - Splits

    Luxuriating stretching for long, sleek, supple muscles, flexible joints and good body realignment. PLUS start challenging yourself with practicing splits for even better results across your Sleek workout regime

  • Flex, Stretch and Tone

    A unique class to Sleek. Fire up, tone and lengthen your muscle fibres to improve technique, strength and flexibility

  • Flex, Stretch & Tone - Extend

    A unique class to Sleek using your own body to create resistance for ultimate toning and strength and length. All still at low impact and suitable for all.

  • Active Stretch - Supermodel Series

    Classical movements with luxurious stretches to flatten out muscle fibers and keep our joints happy, for a supple, healthy body

  • Back pain and flexibility workout

    Targeted exercises and stretches to relieve back pain and stiffness and improve flexibility

  • Sleek Essentials - Warm Up

    Gently, warm-up, lengthen and stretch your muscles. The perfect start to any Sleek day and to prep your body beautifully for your workout ahead.

  • Sleek Essentials - Cool Down

    Leave muscles feeling long and lengthened and stay injury-free. A good cool down is essential for the best body results

  • Active Stretch

    A little bit of work to earn this luxuriating stretch. Lengthen your muscles and keep injury-free.

  • 5 Minute Sleek Warm Up

    Prepare yourself, get muscles fired and get ready to Sleek!