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Sleek Extras

Sleek Extras

More content more often? Do you love our social channels? Get the best of our mini workouts and top tips here on your full screen, uninterrupted by adverts.

Sleek Extras
  • Move, Breathe, Stretch

    Watch and follow along with this 10 min stretch and lower back class releasing class. Perfect for when you feel any muscle stiffness or want to lengthen out your body and breathe.

  • 2 in 1 Abs and Booty

    Get a dancer double whammy with this core and bottom shaping 5 minute dance sequence. Practice alone or stack onto the end of a longer workout for an extra dancer boost! Want more? Head to Optimal Abs for a full 25 minute version and take your core strength to another level!

  • Red Hot Cool Down and Stretch

    The perfect finish to your mini Red Hot series. Wind down and lengthen out on your mat

  • Express Posture Perfecter

    This is the ideal daily workout to perfect your posture, relieve upper back tension and improve muscle tone in minutes.

  • How to achieve a better arabesque

    Want to know how to achieve a higher, better arabesque while shaping and toning your glutes and hamstrings? Use this quick 2 minute exercise and see and feel the difference!

  • Ballerina Stretch Bite

    An under 15-minute full-body, soothing ballerina stretch. Perfect for a rest or stretch day when you are short on time.

  • Red Hot Ballerina Back and Arms

    Dance to the beat in this series of super sleek port de bras exercises for a refined strong upper body

  • Body & Mind Mini- Revive

    5 minute revive and activation sequence. Classical music activates your brain while muscle firing movements awaken your body. Perfect as a warm-up.

  • 5 Minute Energise

    A short cardio dance burst to energise and revitalise

  • Red Hot Dance Cardio - Sassy!

    5 minutes of new upbeat Sassy moves to make you sweat, dance, feel confident and uplifted!
    Want more like this? Scroll down to the bottom of the page when browsing to find the EXTRAS or search 'extras' in your tool bar.

  • Red Hot Legs - 5 Minute

    Quick, fun and super effective. Try this daily leg and bottom/bootie shaping sequence with Flik. Dancer's definition and tone in your lower body is easy to get if you know the right exercises ;)

  • Red Hot Abs

    Follow on to the beat! A short, effective mat demo workout that will shred your core in 5 minutes

  • Sassy Showgirl Dance Cardio

    Put together 4 steps in 5 minutes for a fun, heart-rate lifting, sassy dance routine

  • Abs & Booty Mini Barre

    A short, super-effective leg and ab-focused barre workout. Perfect for daily use and great results. Keep your eyes peeled for more weekly uploads in the Sleek Extras section.

  • Resistance Band Workout

    A short full-body resistance band workout for super-fast tone and strength building. A great addition to your Sleek workouts.

  • Foam Roller Workout

    An activating and releasing roller workout that targets the muscles we use daily to increase flexibility and release tension