Lower Body & Barre - Beginners

Lower Body & Barre - Beginners

Simpler choreography but still maximum lower body results.

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Lower Body & Barre - Beginners
  • Total Pro Legs and Glutes

    A total lower body workout that moves at a steady pace for added tone, definition and muscle symmetry. Feel strong and worked in under 20 minutes

  • Abs & Booty - Let's Switch!

    Join Flik & Sophie for fiery mat abs and glutes focused centre work for ultra shaping, strength & tone. Add this to your weekly Sleeking for amazing results for your whole body.

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Learn

    A tutorial style workout designed for beginners but suitable for all. Learn and improve your balletic knowledge and technique as you dance. Follow Flik's guidance and connect with key descriptions on the screen.

  • Abs & Booty Mini Barre

    A short, super-effective leg and ab-focused barre workout. Perfect for daily use and great results. Keep your eyes peeled for more weekly uploads in the Sleek Extras section.

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Balance

    A class designed to shape your body in the most refined, classical way whilst balancing and focusing your mind when you need it most.

  • Dancer Blast Bite

    A short, simple centre practice to raise your heart rate and tone your lower body.

  • The Sleek “Every” Body program - Perfect Pro Legs

    Tighten and Tone. Sculpted, supple legs with a lifted booty. Improve mobility and flexibility and push the pace a little harder.

  • Ballet Technique - Intro Class

    Fire up and dance! This is the introductory class to our NEW Ballet Technique Program. It is a beautifully choreographed starting point for the following 7 ballet technique class. It not only prepares our body but it reminding our brain why we love to move and dance.

  • Bootcamp Barre - Compact

    This compact, upbeat ballet barre workout is perfect for shaping your legs and bottom whilst improving your posture and flexibility.

  • Root Chakra - Lower Body Workout

    The first in the series and the first of the chakras. Root is to do with our stability and safety. This workout will strengthen and tone your lower body, prepare you for all your other workouts and leave you feeling long, strong and centred.

  • Sacral Chakra - Hip opening

    This beautiful workout focusing on the second chakra will create openness in your hip area, release tension and improve energy flow.

  • Sleek Barre Technique - Supermodel Series

    Workout dancer-style at the 'barre' with a focus on toning and defining the lower body while achieving beautiful technique.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Supermodel Series

    For toned, lean, beautifully shaped legs and glutes. Work through this focussed class which builds from low impact shaping to more dynamic steps

  • 10 Minute Pro Legs

    Sculpt out ballerina legs in ten minutes with this highly effective mat and centre workout. Glutes, thighs, calves and booty are worked throughout

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Beginner

    Learn the essentials, master your technique and shape, define and lengthen all at once

  • Sleek Ballet Booty Burn!

    Want a lifted, firm ballet booty? This is the definitive leg and booty shaping express workout, designed to be low impact with high results. Work on the mat and in the centre for increased muscle tone and lift.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Refine

    Awaken all the right muscles for beautifully shaped legs and butt. Simpler choreography, maximum shaping results.

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Mat Barre

    An essential, all levels workout that you can do every day on its own or before any other workout. This will strengthen and sculpt your muscles safely and effectively, improving technique, core strength and posture

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Perfect Pro Legs

    One of three power-packed 10-minute mat workouts. Get ballerina leg tone in rapid time in this second Shred series, back by popular demand. Hit your focused area fast!

  • Sleek Shred - Perfect Pro Legs

    Short on time? This express 10min workout gets your lower body lean, fast!

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Essentials

    Focussing on the lower body, this back to basics workout is designed for beginners but suitable for all. Practice good technique and get a ballerina lower body burn while learning the building blocks to all Sleek workouts.

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Express 15

    The ever so popular ballerina body sculpting barre workout from Sleek technique. Get more workouts on sleektechnique.com