Upper Body - Intermediate & Challenging

Upper Body - Intermediate & Challenging

More challenge in the choreography of these workouts and more shaping and toning for your upper body without the need for weights

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Upper Body - Intermediate & Challenging
  • Ballerina Back & Arms Blast

    A classical upper-body blast to slim, tone and refine your back and arms. Great on its own as a mini workout or perfectly paired with lower-body focused, Cardio Ballet Blast - Allegro.

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Duo

    We are not often together in live classes but for this one you have two for us for the price of one! Fire up and tone on the floor with us, then dance your heart out in a fantastic upper body sculpting dance sequence!

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Supermodel Series

    A beautiful workout for creating tone and definition in the back and arms. Create long, lean lines and improve posture.

  • 10 Minute Back & Arms

    One of five sculpting workouts get beautiful lean arms and a dancer toned back fast.

  • Ballerina back & Arms - Movement

    Tone sculpt and shape a beautiful upper body with this series of classical standing and mat exercises

  • Sleek Ballerina Back and Arms - Pace

    Advanced Sleekers, enjoy this fast paced but beautifully designed upper body workout for ultimate shaping and toning

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Giselle

    This workout takes its inspiration from movements in two of the best known classical ballets to define your upper body in the most balletic way.

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Swan Lake

    Fire up on the mat and progress to a Swan Lake inspired classical dance sequence to shape your ballerina upper body

  • Ballerina Back & Arms - Arabesque

    A stunning workout that will sculpt your arms and strengthen your back and core simultaneously. Work in the centre with a focus on arabesque work and on the mat and for beautifully refined arms

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Ballerina Back & Arms

    This mat-based workout will help you achieve a beautiful strong, toned back and lean, sculpted arms and shoulders. Improve your posture and your technique at the same time in under 10 minutes