Follow-On Sleek Body Workout Plan

Follow-On Sleek Body Workout Plan

Ready to step it up from your first few weeks? Let us take you seamlessly on to the next level of Sleek body results. This a total body weekly programme where we have done all the planning for you. Wake up to your perfect Sleek workout and your body will feel fully worked by the end of the week. Download the attached pdf for full programme details, top tips and recipes to keep you motivated and feeling Sleektastic!

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Follow-On Sleek Body Workout Plan
  • Program Intro & Tutorial

    Download your 28-day plan PDF to guide you through this fantastic all levels program. Watch the intro and tutorial and get going!

  • 28-Day-Follow-On-Sleek-Body-Workout-Plan

    28.4 MB

    Download and keep this follow on program to hand. This will guide you through your next Sleek steps and advance your body shaping results.

  • Sleek Barre Technique - Fluidity

    A ballerina staple. This barre blast is suitable for every day and will sculpt out toned dancer legs in an express 16mins. Sleek LOVES Barre.

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Pulse

    This a tough lower body barre workout designed to leave you feeling worked! Grab your chair and put your calves, glutes, thighs and booty through their paces

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Complete

    A three-course workout for your abs! Dance this one out to completely refine and define your abs.

  • Core Adage - Sense

    Engage and strengthen your key core muscles with controlled mat work, before building to a full, artistic adage sequence in the centre. Train your core to keep readjusting so you stay upright, tone your muscles and feel stronger than ever while you exercise your inner ballerina.

  • Ballerina back & Arms - Movement

    Tone sculpt and shape a beautiful upper body with this series of classical standing and mat exercises

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Abs

    A steady-paced trio of 10-minute workouts suitable for all levels. This one focuses on total core tone.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Jump!

    Want to get dancing and get sweaty and short on time? Work your heart rate with a sequence of balancés and sautés (waltzes and jumps) to put a high intensity kick into your day. Practice CBB workouts 3 times a week for a lean dancer physique.

  • Pure Stretch - Splits

    Luxuriating stretching for long, sleek, supple muscles, flexible joints and good body realignment. PLUS start challenging yourself with practicing splits for even better results across your Sleek workout regime

  • Full Ballerina Body 1

    Full Ballerina Body includes an artistic warm up, barre, centre practice and cool down for the ultimate, ballet workout

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp ™ - Elevate

    Our full body signature workout including barre. You'll feel improved muscle tone in no time!

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Burn

    Love barre but love to feel a burn too? Look no further! We still work through all our classical barre work but with reps and pulses that will leave your muscles feeling worked and toned after just one class

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Dance

    Working your abs both laterally and in rotation for a beautifully cinched in waist! Dance your way to fantastic abdominal definition.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Mat

    Three modifications of each exercise to gradually push yourself on in this innovative mat workout. Great on its own or perfectly paired with Dancer Refined Abs - Dance

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp ™ - Work it

    Get full body firming, shaping and tightening and break a satisfying sweat in under 30 mins with this power packed, signature workout