Upper body - Beginners

Upper body - Beginners

New to Sleek? This series focuses on balletically strengthening toning and shaping your upper body while we familiarise you with all the Sleek basics

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Upper body - Beginners
  • Posture Perfecter - Back & Arms

    Soak up the sunshine in this posture-transforming workout which immediately improves the look and feel of your posture and upper body muscle tone.

  • The Sleek “Every” Body Program - Ballerina Back and Arms

    Dynamic Core. Max paced mat and centre work to burn fat while you chisel out your abs

  • Throat Chakra - Move and Express

    The fifth throat chakra represents self-expression. Start to move and express yourself through your body in this beautifully fluid workout.

  • Heart Chakra - Upper Body tone and release

    The fourth heart chakra is about love, compassion, expansion and directly relates to your chest arms and wrists. This is a toning, joyful workout focused on your upper body.

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Supermodel Series

    A beautiful workout for creating tone and definition in the back and arms. Create long, lean lines and improve posture.

  • Sleek Shred - Ballerina Back & Arms

    Upper body tone fast in the power pack 10 minutes! Great on its own or the perfect add on when you want rapid results in a focused area.

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Ballerina Back & Arms

    This mat-based workout will help you achieve a beautiful strong, toned back and lean, sculpted arms and shoulders. Improve your posture and your technique at the same time in under 10 minutes

  • Ballerina back & Arms - Essentials

    New to Sleek or ballet? Getting back to fitness or just wanting to refine your technique? This three workout series is designed just for you. Here you will focus on your upper body. Great on its own or program together with Essentials Lower body and Core for full-body results.

  • Ballerina Back & Arms - Catch Up Live

    New to Sleek? Catch up with this beginner level BBA workout which focuses on technique and toning. Work on the mat and in the centre and learn how to shape your arms in second and fifth as you sculpt a beautiful upper body