The Ballet Technique Program

The Ballet Technique Program

As a professional ballerina for 17 years, daily ballet class is a ritual I have always followed to maintain my technique, shape and flexibility. This ballet live class program has been designed to work on your classical ballet knowledge and technique whilst improving your posture, strength and shaping your body in the most refined balletic way.

The program guide is set out below, however, depending on your experience you may wish to repeat each class for longer before moving to the next. Go at your own pace once starting your dancer journey with me and please connect on our Sleek private Facebook group to stay motivated and share your progress.
Victoria x

Day 1 and 2 - Ballet Technique Program - Intro Class

Complete this beautifully choreographed class on days 1 and 2, before delving into our more traditionally structured ballet classes. I want you to complete this class at the start of the program and also to come back to it at the end again to see how different it feels. It is designed to ensure we fire up the correct muscles for each movement however, technique does not have to be dull. This class will get you dancing! We finish with a flowing, heart-raising centre sequence meant to set us off in the right frame of mind, filled with the joy of dance!
Total time 30mins

Days 3 and 4 - Ballet Class 1

Complete ballet Class 1 on days 3 and 4. In this class, we prepare the body with a Sleek warm before continuing on into a traditional classical barre. Move on to a short centre sequence preparing for pirouette turns en dedans.
Total time 40 mins

Days 5 and 6 - Ballet Class 2

Complete Ballet Class 2 on days 5 and 6. In this class, we start directly at the barre to spend more time advancing your technique in frappe and grand rond de jambe. Enjoy a longer centre to practice adage and pirouettes.
Total Time 42 mins

Day 7 - Rest

Day 8 to 10 - Ballet Class 3

Cardio and strength building. Complete Ballet class 3 on days 8 to 10. Starting to move at pace as we work classically but with a more upbeat soundtrack and Sleek style flow. Continuous barre and centre ensure we improve our cardio whilst keeping an eye on technique. Short on time? Just complete Sleek Bite - Core Strength and Posture mini-workout instead. Got more time to Sleek? Try to complete both the Sleek Bite and full Ballet class 3.
Total time 41 mins

Day 11 to 13 - Ballet Class 4

Complete Ballet Class 4 on days 11 to 13. Start to feel like a dancer! Get moving with a continuous classical barre and a new dance-filled sequence in the centre. Short on time? Alternatively, just complete Sleek Dance Bite Pirouette to get your ballet fix. Got an hour to spare and want to push yourself? Combine both workouts!
Total time 44 mins

Day 14 - Rest

Day 15 to 17 - Ballet Class 5

Complete Ballet Class 5 on days 15 to 17. Working on our cardio again today with a more continuous upbeat barre and revisiting our cardio centre with pirouettes. If you are short on time and not able to do full class on some of these days, opt for the Sleek Bite-Core Stability and Posture mini workout to keep yourself ticking over. If you have more time to Sleek try combining both workouts!
Total time 46 mins

Days 18 to 20 - Ballet class 6

Complete Ballet Class 6 on days 18 to 20. Challenging our bodies with some new steps including tombé-coupé-ballonnée. Build up to a petit allegro centre sequence to raise your heart rate and challenge your brain.
Total Time 39 mins

Day 21 - Rest

Day 22 to 24 - Ballet Class 7

Repartition with the gradual introduction of new movements will mean this final class in the Ballet Technique program feels fantastic on your body and puts into practice your new balletic skills. Short on time? Take it easier and just complete a short warm-up and Sleek Dance Bite - Adagio. Got an hour to spare and want to push yourself? Combine both workouts!
Total Time 42 mins

Day 25 Rest and celebrate! Or try out one of the 2 ballet solos I have added to practice your new skills and get you in the festive spirit!

You have come so far and hopefully, you will have increased your classical vocabulary, technique and strength. Well done!

This program can be repeated an unlimited number of times, it is fantastic for achieving and maintaining your dancer shape and skills. Keep progressing by coming to see me in a live class soon! You can book via the homepage. Select Live Classes from the menu and book from our daily class timetable.

Victoria x

The Ballet Technique Program
  • Ballet Technique - Intro Class

    Fire up and dance! This is the introductory class to our NEW Ballet Technique Program. It is a beautifully choreographed starting point for the following 7 ballet technique class. It not only prepares our body but it reminding our brain why we love to move and dance.

  • Ballet Class 1

    The first in a series of live ballet technique class with Sleek co-founder Victoria Marr. Start with a Sleek warm-up before working through classical barre and start preparing for pirouette en dedans in the centre. The perfect series to progress your technique and tone your Sleek physique.

  • Ballet Class 2

    Start direct at the barre advance your technique with frappe and grand rond de jambe. Enjoy a longer centre to practice adage and pirouettes.

  • Ballet Class 3

    A classical ballet class taken up to a Sleek continuous pace to build our fitness, raise your cardio burn fat while improving your technique with the inclusion of sissionne.

  • Sleek Bite - Core Strength & Posture

    Short on time today? Try this mini workout to improve core strength and posture. You will feel the benefit in all your other Sleek workouts!

  • Ballet Class 4

    Get more pro technical tips as we move through a standing warm up, classical barre and a fun, dance-filled centre sequence.

  • Ballet Class 5

    Back to cardio barre this week & a great cardio centre including pirouette en dedans and en dehors.

  • Sleek Dance Bite - Pirouette

    Dance Bites are perfect mini-workouts or a great 'add on' to your daily Sleek session. This Sleek Dance Bite will work on your leg tone and cardio and improve your technique in pirouettes!

  • Ballet Class 6

    A classical full-body class working on tombé-coupé-ballonnée. Building into a petit allegro centre sequence.

  • Ballet class 7

    Building on our previous classes in this series you will feel familiar with our ballet body shaping staples and a new centre sequence to challenge your new dancer skills.

  • Sleek Dance Bite - Adagio

    Practice today's classical adagio centre sequence to strengthen your core stability and balance

  • Ballet Program Tech Tips

    These 8 short tech tip videos focus on mastering one step from each class. These were posted on our Sleek Private Facebook group where we are always on hand to answer queries and questions. I have collated them here so you can have them to hand as you move through each class. Happy Sleeking balle...

  • Dance Spirit!

    Bounce back after a tough 2020 and dance your way into the New Year with this buoyant Sleek festive special! A balletic mini-workout with full-body benefits. Get your heart rate up and tone your lower body fast.

  • Snowflake - Nutcracker Workout

    a mini-workout bases on the Nutcracker's famous snow scene. Learn some of the ballet's actual steps and dance your way to toned legs, a firmer waistline and sculpted back. Happy festive season x