Full Body - Intermediate to Challenging

Full Body - Intermediate to Challenging

From upbeat Bootcamp to classical ballet class.Get the awesome full-body result these workouts offer

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Full Body - Intermediate to Challenging
  • NEW Full Ballerina Body - Super Series

    A full classical ballerina body workout. Barre, centre work and stretch. Train like a dancer for beautiful dancer like shape and definition.

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Lift

    A beautiful short ballet class that will lift your mood your muscles and your cardiovascular rate!

  • Sleek Bootcamp Encore

    Our famous total body reshaper! Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Encore is everything you need in 40 powerful minutes!

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Balance

    A class designed to shape your body in the most refined, classical way whilst balancing and focusing your mind when you need it most.

  • Dance Spirit!

    Bounce back after a tough 2020 and dance your way into the New Year with this buoyant Sleek festive special! A balletic mini-workout with full-body benefits. Get your heart rate up and tone your lower body fast.

  • Ballet Technique - Intro Class

    Fire up and dance! This is the introductory class to our NEW Ballet Technique Program. It is a beautifully choreographed starting point for the following 7 ballet technique class. It not only prepares our body but it reminding our brain why we love to move and dance.

  • Sleek Dance Bite - Pirouette

    Dance Bites are perfect mini-workouts or a great 'add on' to your daily Sleek session. This Sleek Dance Bite will work on your leg tone and cardio and improve your technique in pirouettes!

  • Sleek Dance Bite - Adagio

    Practice today's classical adagio centre sequence to strengthen your core stability and balance

  • Sleek Backstage Bootcamp ™

    Join us backstage for this power packed, punchy class designed to give you full body results, fast! A 30 minute dynamic, sweat inducing class, created to help us (and you!) stay in great form while we were performing together.​ Dance through 5 sections from Centre to Mat for a total ballet body f...

  • Full Body Sculpt & Sweat

    Hit all key areas in one with a dance-filled, full-body workout including lower and upper body focused sections as well as cardio.

  • Sleek/Zarely Ballet Body

    A lockdown live class for Zarely dancewear uploaded by popular demand. The perfect blend of Sleek barre and dance cardio. Fancy joining a live class? Go to sleekballetfitness.com and click the Live Class link to book.

  • Full Ballerina Body 2

    Our most classical workout, a total ballerina body class. Includes mat work, barre and centre

  • Full Ballerina Body 4

    Our most classical workout. Feel like you're in a real ballet class & enjoy dancing to shape your Sleek physique. Progress from mat work to barre and centre with grace, elegance and a little bit of sweat!

  • Flex, Stretch & Tone - Extend

    A unique class to Sleek using your own body to create resistance for ultimate toning and strength and length. All still at low impact and suitable for all.

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp ™ - Anytime

    Anytime, anywhere! No equipment needed for this full body workout but we guarantee amazing body results!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp™ - Shape

    Combining our 5 signature sections for a total body workout that delivers. Work through each section alongside us, then finish on the mat for extra core strengthening that will leave you feeling tighter and stronger

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp ™ - Push It

    Grab a chair for a full-body Bootcamp pace workout including barre. Be prepared to work body!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp ™ - Elevate

    Our full body signature workout including barre. You'll feel improved muscle tone in no time!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp ™ - Blast

    Short on time and high on energy? Work your entire body in under 20 mins and feel Sleek for the rest of your day

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp ™ - Work it

    Get full body firming, shaping and tightening and break a satisfying sweat in under 30 mins with this power packed, signature workout

  • Core Adage - Sense

    Engage and strengthen your key core muscles with controlled mat work, before building to a full, artistic adage sequence in the centre. Train your core to keep readjusting so you stay upright, tone your muscles and feel stronger than ever while you exercise your inner ballerina.

  • Sassy Showgirl - Dance It Out!

    Sassy and Sleek, this workout will get you heart rate lifted and your body pumping

  • Sassy Showgirl - Express!

    Sassy lovers get dancing! A full body workout in a little over 12 - same sassy results

  • Sleek Dance - Express!

    Part of our Express trilogy of workouts. A beautiful way to DANCE way to your way to a toned body while raising your heart rate and speeding up your metabolism.