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Ballet Technique Express Program

Ballet Technique Express Program

After the popularity of the original Ballet Technique Program, this NEW collection of classes and refresher dance bites will continue your ballet, body shaping journey, improve your technique and balletic knowledge. No matter what your level or experience you can reap the body shaping benefit of classical ballet. If you are newer to ballet you may decide to devote a week to each class before moving on to the next. If you have some ballet or Sleek experience, I suggest following the program outlined below. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the element of dancing while you sculpt your body, improve your flexibility, balance and coordination. V x

Day 1 to 3
Complete Prepare and Repair followed by Ballet Class - Port de Bras and Adage
Begin with the 15-minute Prepare and Repair workout followed by your first class. Beautiful port de bras or 'carriage of the arms' requires coordination and fluidity while adage works on core strength and balance. Although this is a challenging element to begin with, improving our stability is essential to progressing our technique, efficiency and body shaping results.

Day 4
Rest/ Use Prepare and Repair / Try one of the recommended stretch classes below or practice your dance bite

Day 5 to 7
Complete Ballet Class - Epaulement
Adding more upper body work to our barre and center sequence in this beautiful class. We also start to put the work we have done on balance and coordination in class one into practice here with the introduction of a pirouette. Add on the Epaulement ance bite after class to solidify the sequence.

Day 8
Rest /Stretch or practice your dance bite

Day 9 to 11
Complete Ballet Class 2x4
We are taking our heart rate up with this class by working on a more upbeat center combination. It includes steps that each have a very different dynamic to challenge multiple muscle groups. As we progress I use a simple 2x4 formula to help with learning the sequences so you can enjoy dancing it! 2 reps of each of the 4 steps linked fluidly together for full body activation. We revisit our pirouettes in this class too. Add the 2x4 short dance bite on the days you have time to perfect your footwork.

Day 12
Rest / Stretch or practice your dance bite

Day 13 to 15
Complete Ballet Class - Petit Allegro
Drawing together all the elements of coordination, epaulement, balance and jumps, this more advanced class is a full-body workout designed to be repeated and worked on over time. Follow this class with Prepare and Repair

Day 16
Rest / Stretch or practice your dance bite

Day 17 to 20
Complete one class each day in succession. 4 days four classes to test your newfound skills, strength and versatility. Try practicing your dance bites each day.

Day 21
Rest/ Use Prepare and Repair or either the shorter or longer recommended stretch classes.

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Ballet Technique Express Program
  • Prepare & Repair

    Great for gentle mobility and flexibility. This 15-minute workout is perfect to proceed or follow your classes or can be done on its own to care for and maintain your body.

  • Ballet Class - Port de Bras & Adage

    A melodic, classical ballet class including barre and centre to refine your physique, work on beautiful port de bras and improve your stability in adage.

  • Port de Bras & Adage Dance Bite

    Practice your fluid arm work, balletic control and balance in this short adagio center sequence from Ballet Class - Port de bras and Adage

  • Ballet Class - Epaulement & Pirouette

    A smooth and musical ballet class starting to focus on upper body epaulement at the barre and introducing pirouettes to the center.

  • Epaulement dance bite

    Dance this beautiful short center sequence through to practice your epaulement. In French, épaulement means “shouldering.” In ballet, it refers to the position of the shoulders, head and neck. Coordinating this makes the difference between automation and artistry

  • Ballet Class - 2x4

    Want an easier way to remember and perfect your dance sequences. In this class, we warm up with a great barre then work on a more upbeat center sequence made easy to remember using a 2x4 pattern. Two reps of 4 great steps to help you master the technique and accelerate your progress.

  • 2x4 Dance Bite

    Building a sequence by numbers. 2 reps of 4 great steps that work your full body and technique. Try dancing this after the full 2x4 class to polish and perfect it.

  • Ballet Class - Petit Allegro

    A full barre followed by center work drawing together elements of coordination, epaulement, balance and jumps. This is a more advanced class including petit allegro (small jumps)

  • Petit Allegro Dance Bite

    Practice the short petit allegro center sequence (including ballonne and temp de cuisse) either on its own or after class to raise your heart rate, improve coordination and shape your dancer legs.

  • Ballerina Stretch Class

    A Full Body classical stretch class to relax, enjoy and lengthen

  • Ballerina Stretch Bite

    An under 15-minute full-body, soothing ballerina stretch. Perfect for a rest or stretch day when you are short on time.