Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up

Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up

Get the best of our full-body live online classes on catch up. Work your whole body dancer style! Why not book into the online studio live with us? Book single or class packs. Click 'Live Classes' in the menu on our sleekballetfitness.com homepage

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Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Full Ballerina Body - Catch Up

    The most classical of classes. Full balletic barre and centre work.

  • Full Ballerina Body - Sophie

    Sleek Principal Trainer and professional dancer Sophie Auger takes you through a beautiful lockdown Ballerina Body workout including warm up, barre, centre practice and mat stretch

  • Full Ballerina Body - Catch Up

    All your favorites in one! Body sculpting classical barre followed by choreographed multifunctional centre work. Let your inner ballerina out

  • Core Adage Barre - Catch Up Live

    Catch up on this beautifully constructed barre workout with a strong focus on core and lower body strengthening

  • Core Adage - Catch Up Live

    Prepare on the mat, feel stronger when you stand up. This class works up to a short effective, body shaping centre practice and adage sequence

  • Core Adage Express - Catch Up Live

    A very classical workout to shape a classical physique. Set to balletic music this mat to standing workout will define and strengthen your legs and core.