Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up

Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up

Get the best of our full-body live online classes on catch up. Work your whole body dancer style! Why not book into the online studio live with us? Book single or class packs. Click 'Live Classes' in the menu on our sleekballetfitness.com homepage

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Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Ballet Class - 2x4

    Want an easier way to remember and perfect your dance sequences. In this class, we warm up with a great barre then work on a more upbeat center sequence made easy to remember using a 2x4 pattern. Two reps of 4 great steps to help you master the technique and accelerate your progress.

  • Ballerina body - chassé pas de bouree

    Need a classical boost? Practice this full body, balletic workout and feel energised and refreshed

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Work Smart!

    Fast moving and effective. All you need in 30 mins for a full body Sleek workout

  • Body & Mind - Live class

    If you love the Body and mind workouts then you will enjoy this full class recorded live from one of our Zoom classes for you to catch up. Work on strength, technique and flow. Book into a live class with us via the Live Class link in the menu on sleekballetftness.com

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Core Cardio

    A killer combo! A full-body, super, upbeat workout with added core and cardio focus for maximum results!

  • Sleek Bootcamp & Barre

    A full-body ballet fitness workout for long lean muscles, total strength and length. Everything from barre to allegro. All you need is a chair to act as a barre.

  • Full Ballerina Body Grace & Strength

    A beautiful, full body class with classical movements for total shaping. Warm up, centre and stretch in under 30 minutes!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Sissonne

    A full-body, classical ballet filled workout at Bootcamp pace. Power up your energy levels and tone from head to toe.

  • Core Adage Catch Up Live with Sophie

    A chance to catch up this seamless core adage class with principal trainer Sophie. Grab your chair and strengthen and lengthen your muscles

  • Sassy Showgirl - Chicago Masterclass

    Fast, fun, low, impact Sassy does Fosse. Celebrate the unmistakable moves of legendary choreographer in this masterclass style workout. Wear Black and get your sass on!

  • Sassy Showgirl - High Kicks!

    The ultimate leg shaping, high kicking, heart rate lifting and energy inducing Sassy workout!

  • Sassy Showgirl - Ripple!

    A NEW Sassy series to get your full sassy body sleek and toned! You'll love it!

  • Sassy Showgirl - Sweat It Out!

    The ultimate dance cardio class. 30 minutes of sassy, high energy, moves for your inner showgirl!

  • Ballet Class 1

    The first in a series of live ballet technique class with Sleek co-founder Victoria Marr. Start with a Sleek warm-up before working through classical barre and start preparing for pirouette en dedans in the centre. The perfect series to progress your technique and tone your Sleek physique.

  • Ballet Class 2

    Start direct at the barre advance your technique with frappe and grand rond de jambe. Enjoy a longer centre to practice adage and pirouettes.

  • Ballet Class 3

    A classical ballet class taken up to a Sleek continuous pace to build our fitness, raise your cardio burn fat while improving your technique with the inclusion of sissionne.

  • Ballet Class 4

    Get more pro technical tips as we move through a standing warm up, classical barre and a fun, dance-filled centre sequence.

  • Ballet Class 5

    Back to cardio barre this week & a great cardio centre including pirouette en dedans and en dehors.

  • Ballet Class 6

    A classical full-body class working on tombé-coupé-ballonnée. Building into a petit allegro centre sequence.

  • Ballet class 7

    Building on our previous classes in this series you will feel familiar with our ballet body shaping staples and a new centre sequence to challenge your new dancer skills.

  • Full Ballerina Body - Dancer

    A beautiful more advanced full classical barre and center sequence to work every inch of your ballerina body. Test out a few new steps and let your inner dancer have fun!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp TM - Active

    No messing about! Full body, ballet bootcamp toning and defining in 30 minutes. Lets get sweaty!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Summer Sweat!

    The perfect balance of a Summer time sweat and total body toning.

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp™

    5 body shaping sections make up one full body workout with Flik. The ultimate class to get Sleek