Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • Flow and Open Mobility

    A truly beneficial way to work functional mobility with a Sleek dancer flow 'twist'!

  • Sculpt and Flow - Abs

    A steady focused workout that builds in pace to really zeros in on your core from every angle.

  • Low Flow Cardio

    This is the class your heart will love. Low impact, super flowing and continuous movement. It's cardio without knowing it!

  • *NEW* Sleek Complete

    Sculpt, Tone, Dance, Enjoy! This Sleek full-body workout has got everything covered. All you need is a chair and a mat to start sculpting your legs, arms, and core as well as improve your cardio.

  • Whole Body Active Stretch

    Let's open and stretch every muscle in the body together through this active, moving stretch class

  • Sculpt and Flow - Upper Body

    Love this one! Super sculpting mat and standing workout for your upper body (legs and core too) Optional pilates ball section for extra resistance!

  • Glide and Flow - Lower Body

    Glissades, chasses, sissones. Flow your way through this lower body workout

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Échappé

    Under 15 minutes to Hiit your cardio and get an effective balletic burn on!

  • Sound with Moving Mindfully

    Part of the Sleek Audio Series. Move, relax and restart, staying present throughout this feel good, moving meditation. Be guided through a session that will leave you with body and mind benefits that stay with you throughout your entire day and night. Feel gently stretched, calm, less anxious and...

  • Stretch Live Class - with Sophie

    By popular demand, a new beautiful, thorough stretch class with Sleek Principal Trainer Sophie.

  • Booty to Battement

    With a fiery focus on the glutes and hamstrings, build to heart rate lifting battement centre work

  • Active Abs and Stretch - Live class

    A core strengthening muscle lengthening live class with great flow

  • NEW Sassy Dance Cardio - Chance to Dance

    Get ready to dance like everybody is watching! Learn an awesome, new, high energy, Sassy dance routine with Flik and unleash your inner dancer while torching calories, gaining mobility, improving co-ordination and feeling your most confident self.

  • Full Ballerina Body Class - with Sophie

    A gorgeous new classical, full-body live class. Dance, stretch and lengthen with Sophie

  • Ballerina Upper Body - Posture

    Iron out any niggles and release tension as you strengthen shape and tone a strong upper body

  • Abs and Waistline - Live Class

    A great class for your entire core with focus on flattening and strengthening your deep abdominals muscles and working your waistline.

  • NEW CLASS Ballet is Beautiful - Rise

    Inspired by our most loved Ballet is Beautiful live classes. A truly classical workout which builds from mat to a beautiful full body enchainement in the centre that will leave you feeling totally worked out in body and calm and centred in mind.

  • Hips, Glutes and Booty

    Start with some juicy hip release on the mat before firing up the heart rate with a lower body burn in the centre

  • NEW Ballet Barre - Live Class

    A classical ballet body sculpting barre class to soothe your mind and work your body.

  • NEW Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Sweat

    A full-body, toning, strengthening, fat-burning workout with a gradual build, suitable for all levels.

  • NEW Sleek Bootcamp - Head to Toe

    A full-body dance workout that gets your whole body moving! Tone, strengthen and burn calories in this dance-filled, supercharged Bootcamp class.

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Ultimate Challenge

  • Bootcamp Barre - Head to Toe

    A fantastic leg and waist sculpting barre workout at a driving Bootcamp pace! This is the first part of a super bootcamp workout pair. 2nd instalment coming soon!

  • Ballet Balance Barre

    Practice it at the barre, work it through in the centre, feel the difference and wobbles allowed!