Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • Ballerina Stretch Class 2

    A Full Body classical stretch class to relax, enjoy and lengthen

  • 5 Minute Energise

    A short cardio dance burst to energise and revitalise

  • Stretch and Sweat Barre - Invigour

    A new class in this loved series where we burn, sweat and lengthen on the mat and at the barre

  • Red Hot Dance Cardio - Sassy!

    5 minutes of new upbeat Sassy moves to make you sweat, dance, feel confident and uplifted!
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  • NEW Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Spring Return

    As Spring arrives and lockdown eases in the UK we are so happy to reunite for one of our famous full-body, sweaty, Sleek Ballet Bootcamps!

  • Abs & Booty Cardio Barre - 30mins

    The full class, out by popular demand. Hit 3 key areas with this class! Great for toning, shaping and firming your legs, glutes and abs as well as getting a little cardio kick!

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Grace & Strength

    Graceful shaping of the upper body, drawing down the lats for beautiful ballerina posture

  • Body & Mind - Live class

    If you love the Body and mind workouts then you will enjoy this full class recorded live from one of our Zoom classes for you to catch up. Work on strength, technique and flow. Book into a live class with us via the Live Class link in the menu on

  • Abs & Booty Mini Barre

    A short, super-effective leg and ab-focused barre workout. Perfect for daily use and great results. Keep your eyes peeled for more weekly uploads in the Sleek Extras section.

  • Burn the Floor Lower Body Class

    Shaping chassé work to lift your heart rate and power your legs

  • NEW Full Ballerina Body - Super Series

    A full classical ballerina body workout. Barre, centre work and stretch. Train like a dancer for beautiful dancer like shape and definition.

  • NEW Sleek Extras - Find your bonus content

    Hear about additional bonus content from across our channels and where to find it!

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Lift

    A beautiful short ballet class that will lift your mood your muscles and your cardiovascular rate!

  • *Ballet Bootcamp - Core Cardio

    A killer combo! A full-body, super, upbeat workout with added core and cardio focus for maximum results!

  • Dancer Abs - Catch Up with Susan

    Live from her home in California, this full-body class with Principal Sleek trainer Susan White just keeps on giving! Take the Susan core challenge ;)

  • Active Stretch Lift and Lengthen

    A juicy, joyful way to lengthen out muscle fibres and feel your energy lift. Grab your mat and let's dance!

  • Classical Cardio Blast - Chasse

    Cardio with a true classical feel. Get sweaty with one of our favourite balletic travelling steps, chasse pas de bouree.

  • Body & Mind Ballet - Fortify

    Steady-paced muscle firing for great technique & shaping. The perfect preparation for Body and Mind

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Serenity

    Restore calm and stillness to your mind while you work and shape your body classically & gracefully at barre and in the centre

  • Body & Mind Ballerina Stretch - Calm

    A full-body ballerina stretch class. Designed for your total well-being, body and mind. Suitable for all levels but finishing with a 5-minute super-stretch challenge to work towards ;)

  • Body & Mind Express

    An all-in-one workout in 3 compact sections. 1) Revive and awaken your muscles and brain. 2) Energise and increase circulation 3) Finish feeling calm and focused with a balletic, rejuvenating stretch.

  • Sleek Bootcamp & Barre

    A full-body ballet fitness workout for long lean muscles, total strength and length. Everything from barre to allegro. All you need is a chair to act as a barre.

  • Full Ballerina Body Grace & Strength

    A beautiful, full body class with classical movements for total shaping. Warm up, centre and stretch in under 30 minutes!

  • Dancer Refined Abs with Susan

    Catch up with our Principal trainer Susan in her weekly abs class that will help achieve a strong, toned, dancer core