Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • Cardio - Live Class

    Tuesday's sweaty, sculpting cardio live class on catch up!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Express Dance Cardio

    Join me by the sea and jump into this non-stop, express bootcamp class! Expect progressions for your lower and upper body as well as your core while you raise your heart rate and wake up your whole body.

  • NEW Flex Stretch and Super Tone!

    Try something new. Get exceptional muscle strength, tone and flexibility in one all-encompassing workout that will define your ballerina shape.

  • BBA Classical Blast

    A quick-fire, dance-filled, upper body toning blast from the Sleek archives

  • 10 Minute Showgirl

    Channel your inner showgirl and shape out a dancer like physique for fantastic, sassy results!

  • Core Adage - Classical Challenge

    A low impact, high-level results workout to firm your core, shape and tone your legs as well as improve your strength, balance and control.

  • NEW Sleek Sculpt Abs & Glutes

    Join me in the sun for 4 top exercises to express shape your abs and glutes This fluid sequence will leave you feeling wonderfully worked and supple and lengthened. V x

  • Legs Abs - Heat Them Up!

    Get going with this fiery combination of legs and abs for a heart rate lifting super-charged body!

  • Bootcamp - Breathe

    A fluid, full-body, feel-good class with an added focus on breath, circulation, thoracic release and core toning

  • Ballerina Body Express with Sophie

    A chance to join Sleek Principal trainer Sophie in an express version of her popular Full Ballerina Body live class. Warm Up, mat and barre gives you the perfect total body workout when time is short.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Let's Go!

    Shape up fast with this sure-fire cardio burn! Learn 4 classical steps then build them into an intense heart-raising dance sequence. Strengthen and lengthen to finish then why on hit New Sassy Showgirl - Let's Go!

  • Sassy Showgirl - Let's Go!

    Let's get Sleek and sweaty in a red hot routine designed to get you really dancing! We get straight into this fun, sassy sequence to practice, perfect and shape.

  • Lower Body Booty POWER

    Grab some water and your mat and power through this lower body workout that focuses on lifting and firming the hamstrings and glutes

  • *Ballet Tutorial Class 2

    Great for all levels, enjoy a quick warmup/recap on the steps featured in Tutorial 1 before we move on to learn and perfect fondu, frappé and ballonné. Finishes with a center sequence which combines all the movements we have worked on and solidifies the progress you have made.

  • Barre and Stretch

    A stand alone workout that combines a mini barre with juicy stretching. A great morning class or stack this with your favourite workout for a longer Sleek session

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Love your Core

    Shower your abdominals with love with this continuously moving, classically inspired class. We'll work through heart rate elevating sequences in the centre and a sculpting mat practice for a total abdominal treat.

  • Ballet Tutorial Class 1

    A tutorial-style class, fantastic for beginners and all wanting to brush up on their ballet technique. Covering 4 muscle shaping, ballet fundamentals: Plié, glissade, tendu and rond de jambe.

  • Cardio Abs - Strong and Sleek

    You will love the way you feel after this class! Two of our most requested workouts in one. Elevate your heart rate and burn calories while you sculpt out a strong, sleek core before lengthening out and cooling down.

  • NEW 50min Full Ballerina Body with Sophie

    A totally luxuriating and comprehensive class working at a steady pace to establish your ballerina technique

  • *NEW Full Ballet Body - Don Quixote

    The full Don Quixote workout experience! All the Spanish flair, fun and effectiveness of the Don Q inspired barrre, centre and mat combined. A complete 45-minute intensive ballerina body shape, tone and lengthen session. We LOVE this!

  • *NEW Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Olé

    A beautiful balletic, full-body workout with a wonderful Spanish flair! Focus systematically on each body area before building to a challenging, dance cardio sequence. The final workout in the NEW Don Quixote Program.

  • Classical Cardio - Don Quixote

    We are joined again by Principal ballerina Celine Gittens for a 15-minute balletic center workout that builds methodically into a great, classical cardio dance sequence. It will shape and strengthen your physique whilst getting a satisfying burn on!

  • Refine & Define Mat - Don Quixote

    A 15 minute mat workout, work alongside Principal ballerina Celine Gittens as she prepares to dance the lead in Don Quixote. Work on achieving great core strength, stability and shaping into your legs and glutes. Interspersing stretches mean you finish feeling long and lean.

  • Bootcamp Barre - Don Quixote

    Principal ballerina Celine Gittens get show ready with us in this 20-minute, continuous barre workout inspired by Birmingham Royal Ballet's wonderful new production of Don Quixote. It is fantastic for shaping a lean, toned lower body in express time! Olé