Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • 15min Barre & Burn - with Jenna

    For those of you looking to turn up the heat, this class is your ticket to an intense session that will have you feeling the burn in no time. Regular sessions will build strength and create a long, lean, and sculpted figure.

  • NEW Full Ballerina Body - Love Ballet

    A dance-filled barre and center for a full ballerina body workout. Muscle toning, fat burning, mood-lifting.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Plié and Pulse

    Build on this extra effective leg shaping sequence for a strong, sleek lower body

  • Posture Perfecter - With Sophie

    A calm but uplifting class for your mood as well as your posture. Sleek Principal trainer Sophie guides you through this beautiful upper-body class live from Croatia.

  • NEW 40min Complete Dancer Abs

    Ab-defining mat work, fantastic standing dance sequence, great pace, toning and strength building, this 40-minute session has it all. Join all three of us to motivate you through this rewarding Sleek session.

  • Sleek Ballet Bite - Balancé & Pas de Bourree

    A new balletic center sequence for your full body. Start dancing your way to Sleek ballerina tone working on balancé, pas de bourree and soutenu.

  • Sleek 'Sassy' Bootcamp!

    The most effective 5 section, full body Sleek but workout with a unique, sassy twist. Have fun!

  • Vacation Express - 10 Min Glutes, Core & Stretch

    My go-to holiday exercises! Minimum time maximum results, works multiple areas, great on its own or perfectly paired with Vacation Express - 10 Min Legs & Waistline.

  • Vacation Express - 10min Legs & Waistline

    If I work out on holiday I like it to be short, fun and effective. This is an express multipurpose mini workout with no equipment needed. It is a legs and waist focussed session that also perfectly pairs with Vacation Express - Glutes, Core & Stretch.

  • Active Stretch - Length

    A juicy, full body, active stretch with flowing centre work for the perfect combo of stretch and strength to help lengthen muscle fibres, protect your joints and leave you feeling long and strong.

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Summer

    A full body classic sculpting Sleek Ballet Bootcamp with a classical cardio challenge

  • Sleek in the Tropics - Core, with Lizzie

    Live from her home in Brazil Sleek trainer, pro dancer and performance artist Lizzie Van Dam delivers a full-body, core-focused sensation! Feel the sun on your skin and a satisfying burn in your muscle :)

  • Cardio Abs - Live class

    A great chance to fully fire up your abs before hitting a punchy dance cardio core sequence

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Fluid strength

    A lower body catch up class that takes you through all the classical movements your legs need for strength, tone and flexibility.

  • Low Impact Bootcamp - Live Class

    A Sleek Bootcamp live class designed to be kind to your joints but still deliver intense tone and a satisfying sweat. Look out for the new step! Renversé.

  • Flamenco Fire!

    A fiery, flamenco inspired workout that focuses on your upper body, but heats up your entire being! Join Flik in Spain as she takes you through a series of flamenco steps and movements that will give you an upper body burn, lower body strength and a cardio lift.

  • Back and Arms - Tone & Tension Release

    A live class to create great tone and definition in your upper body whilst improving your posture, releasing tension and mobilising your shoulders neck and back.

  • Core Complete - Catch Up with Sophie

    A fantastic build into a totally thorough core burner! Don't be fooled, this ballerina will leave your abs on fire.

  • No Jump Cardio!

    Think cardio has to be high impact? This workout gets you all the highs without the impact which makes it easy on your joints while still getting fat burning, fitness elevating, results.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Continuous Flow

    A beautiful, lower body class that does not stop moving as you define your lower body while gently raising your heart rate. Sculpt and tone on the mat and in the centre with strength, grace and power.

  • Cardio - Live Class

    Tuesday's sweaty, sculpting cardio live class on catch up!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Express Dance Cardio

    Join me by the sea and jump into this non-stop, express bootcamp class! Expect progressions for your lower and upper body as well as your core while you raise your heart rate and wake up your whole body.

  • Flex Stretch and Super Tone!

    Try something new. Get exceptional muscle strength, tone and flexibility in one all-encompassing workout that will define your ballerina shape.

  • BBA Classical Blast

    A quick-fire, dance-filled, upper body toning blast from the Sleek archives