Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • Sleek Upper Body - Summer Breeze

    If you love the feel of working out in the sun, then this Ballerina Back & Arms class is for you! Work on the mat and in the centre to create tone, lengthened mucsles in the arms and a strong back for beautiful posture.

  • Proprioception Perfecter

    Includes exercises used by elite dancers and athletes to train the brain to send faster messages to your muscles, increasing your balance, ability, posture and tone.

  • Cardio Blast - Pas de basque

    Classical movements including pas de basque, set to a punchy beat to raise your heart rate and refine your technique.

  • Ballerina body - chassé pas de bouree

    Need a classical boost? Practice this full body, balletic workout and feel energised and refreshed

  • Red Hot Cool Down and Stretch

    The perfect finish to your mini Red Hot series. Wind down and lengthen out on your mat

  • Posture Perfecter - Back & Arms

    Soak up the sunshine in this posture-transforming workout which immediately improves the look and feel of your posture and upper body muscle tone.

  • Summer Cardio Blast

    A short but challenging, dance-filled cardio blast to raise your heart rate burn fat and get Summer ready! A great add on to any of your other Sleek workouts

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Work Smart!

    Fast moving and effective. All you need in 30 mins for a full body Sleek workout

  • Unconventional Abs

    A 10-minute standing ab workout without a crunchie in sight! Four super effective ballet-based fitness moves for distinctive Sleek ab definition. Perfectly paired with Bullet Point Abs mat workout

  • Ballet Booty Burn Sesh

    Join us in a new vibrant location for a fun sweaty session that will set the muscles in your thighs and booty alight!

  • Bullet Point Abs

    Not a minute wasted. Get straight to the point with this compact super-effective ab sequence that really works!

  • Red Hot Body Complete Series

    Stack your Red Hot Arms, legs and abs into one express workout. 15 mins for a full body mat workout

  • Ballerina Back & Arms - Port de bras

    Shape your back and arms in a Sleek fusion of classical port de bras and focused firming fitness.

  • Ladder Abs

    An endless ladder! Step up and up and up with this mat to centre core workout that builds in challenge every time

  • Ballerina Stretch Class 2

    A Full Body classical stretch class to relax, enjoy and lengthen

  • 5 Minute Energise

    A short cardio dance burst to energise and revitalise

  • Stretch and Sweat Barre - Invigour

    A new class in this loved series where we burn, sweat and lengthen on the mat and at the barre

  • Red Hot Dance Cardio - Sassy!

    5 minutes of new upbeat Sassy moves to make you sweat, dance, feel confident and uplifted!
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  • NEW Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Spring Return

    As Spring arrives and lockdown eases in the UK we are so happy to reunite for one of our famous full-body, sweaty, Sleek Ballet Bootcamps!

  • Abs & Booty Cardio Barre - 30mins

    The full class, out by popular demand. Hit 3 key areas with this class! Great for toning, shaping and firming your legs, glutes and abs as well as getting a little cardio kick!

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Grace & Strength

    Graceful shaping of the upper body, drawing down the lats for beautiful ballerina posture

  • Body & Mind - Live class

    If you love the Body and mind workouts then you will enjoy this full class recorded live from one of our Zoom classes for you to catch up. Work on strength, technique and flow. Book into a live class with us via the Live Class link in the menu on

  • Abs & Booty Mini Barre

    A short, super-effective leg and ab-focused barre workout. Perfect for daily use and great results. Keep your eyes peeled for more weekly uploads in the Sleek Extras section.

  • Burn the Floor Lower Body Class

    Shaping chassé work to lift your heart rate and power your legs