Latest Sleek Workouts

  • Classical Cardio Blast - Rise!

    Classical AND fitness loving Sleekers, this 20min express workout is for you - get your metabolism soaring and your heart pumping while you literally fly through this class and prep your body for a luxurious splits stretch.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Tendus to Transfers

    A pacey, lower body class with a classical cardio feel. Tap into your ballerina legs, boost endurance, feel invigorated!

  • Ballerina Back & Arms - Press

    A satisfying arm ache and great upper body toning results from this fun and focused class

  • Core Adage Catch Up Live with Sophie

    A chance to catch up this seamless core adage class with principal trainer Sophie. Grab your chair and strengthen and lengthen your muscles

  • The Sleek Every ‘Body’ 14 Day Program Trailer

    Head to 'Workout Programs' to discover a rotation of 3 new workouts designed for Every'Body'.Whatever your starting level, follow your daily workout guide and prepare to feel stronger and grow more confident after each workout:

    3 targeted body areas, lower body, upper body, core
    Accessible to a...

  • Big news for our app users - LIVE CLASS LAUNCH!

    Love the catch up class section in your streaming library? Found out how to join us in real time for a live interactive class in 3 easy steps.

  • Sassy Showgirl - Sweat It Out!

    The ultimate dance cardio class. 30 minutes of sassy, high energy, moves for your inner showgirl!

  • Bootcamp Barre - Classic

    A super effective blend of classical barre that flows at Bootcamp pace. A complete workout for your Sleek physique!

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Contract!

    This class is a fun and effective way to engage your abs. Work front and side contractions for a refined core and to strengthen your balance. Work at a steady pace but still build up a sweat!

  • Sleek Backstage Bootcamp ™

    Join us backstage for this power packed, punchy class designed to give you full body results, fast! A 30 minute dynamic, sweat inducing class, created to help us (and you!) stay in great form while we were performing together.​ Dance through 5 sections from Centre to Mat for a total ballet body f...

  • Bootcamp Barre - Compact

    This compact, upbeat ballet barre workout is perfect for shaping your legs and bottom whilst improving your posture and flexibility.

  • Ballet Booty - Control

    Focusing on lifting the glutes and toning the tops of the legs. We work through mat to centre exercises for an instant burn and shape

  • Active Stretch - Sweat

    A collaboration live class with Sweaty Betty. You will earn your stretch with a bit of sweat in this total tone and muscle lengthening workout.

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Sustain

    Master sustained adage interspersed with low impact cardio for ultimate core control and strength

  • Sculpt & Sweat Express - Trailer

    6 new workouts added to the site including abs, cardio, full body and 2 stretches. Try them on their own or in the fun, super-effective Sculpt & Sweat 21-day programme designed to sculpt a body you want to show off!

  • Stretch and Sweat Barre

    The perfect balance of burn, sweat and lengthening in this lower body focused catch up class with a twist!

  • Ballet Class 2 with Victoria

    Start direct at the barre advance your technique with frappe and grand rond de jambe. Enjoy a longer centre to practice adage and pirouettes.

  • Ballet Booty lift - Sculpt

    Work to firm, tighten and sculpt out that back of the leg area with a focus on the booty. Mat to standing for an instant feeling of tightness and lift!

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Duo

    We are not often together in live classes but for this one you have two for us for the price of one! Fire up and tone on the floor with us, then dance your heart out in a fantastic upper body sculpting dance sequence!

  • Sleek Dance Bite - Pirouette

    Dance Bites are perfect mini-workouts or a great 'add on' to your daily Sleek session. This Sleek Dance Bite will work on your leg tone and cardio and improve your technique in pirouettes!

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Take a Peek

    Designed while we were both pregnant with our first babies. These workouts will keep you fit, healthy and safely support your changing shape throughout your pregnancy and beyond. This whole 9 workout program is included in subscription or can be purchased to keep on our product page

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Summer Sweat!

    The perfect balance of a Summer time sweat and total body toning.

  • Dance Cardio - Abs and Booty

    A supercharged, multifunctional dance cardio workout! Hit all three key areas in under 30mins. Work your abs, legs and get your cardio kick in one, dancer style!

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Shape

    Sculpting mat work builds to a centre practice with light cardio. Lengthening out ensures long, strong muscle tone. A 30 minute power punch!