Cardio - Live Classes on Catch Up

Cardio - Live Classes on Catch Up

Raise your heart rate dancer style! Get super Sleek with an extra push in live classes on catch up. We run daily classes you can join live online in small Zoom groups for feedback, motivation and to accelerate your results. Click on Live Classes in the menu of our homepage to book now.

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Cardio - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Low Flow Cardio

    This is the class your heart will love. Low impact, super flowing and continuous movement. It's cardio without knowing it!

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Échappé

    Under 15 minutes to Hiit your cardio and get an effective balletic burn on!

  • Cardio Abs - No Jump Sweat!

    Raise your heart rate, strengthen and tone your core but keep your feet on the ground in this 30 minute live class with Flik

  • Cardio - Live Class

    Tuesday's sweaty, sculpting cardio live class on catch up!

  • Cardio Abs - Strong and Sleek

    You will love the way you feel after this class! Two of our most requested workouts in one. Elevate your heart rate and burn calories while you sculpt out a strong, sleek core before lengthening out and cooling down.

  • Sleek Cardio Bite!

    Want to feel a burn in less than 10 minutes? Join Flik in this 6 minute High Intensity Cardio dance sequence

  • Advanced Cardio Ballet Blast - Catch Up Live

    Are you ready for a balletic cardio challenge? This workout is packed with fast footwork and quick port de bras arms to raise your heart rate so you burn maximum calories and keep your metabolism high for hours after.

  • Classical Cardio Blast - Chasse

    Cardio with a true classical feel. Get sweaty with one of our favourite balletic travelling steps, chasse pas de bouree.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Sleek it!

    A dancy cardio ballet blast to chase those quarantine blues away. This one will leave you feeling Sleek, fit and fabulous!

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Spring!

    A classical cardio blast which works on two sidewise steps, glissade and sissone to lift your heart rate while you dance away extra calories

  • Abs and Booty - Dance Cardio

    Hit all three key areas in 30mins. Work your abs, legs and get your cardio kick, dancer style! Lift your mood and your booty with this fun, super-effective ballet body workout

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Go!

    Sweat and burn fat and calories while you dance!