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All Levels - 28 Day Sleek Starter Plan

All Levels - 28 Day Sleek Starter Plan

The perfect 'all levels' place to start. This daily program will guide you through your first few weeks of Sleek whilst working to sculpt your full ballerina body. Download the program pdf for a detailed look at the daily combination of workouts. Also Includes extra tips and some super energizing recipes to keep you on track and give you the full Sleek experience!

All Levels - 28 Day Sleek Starter Plan
  • 28-Day-Starter-Sleek-Body-Workout-Plan.pdf

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  • Program Intro & Tutorial

    Download your 28-day plan PDF to guide you through this fantastic all levels program. Watch the intro and tutorial and get going!

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Move

    Just 15 minutes to work your entire lower body, incorporating all our signature sculpting exercises for ultimate leg and booty shaping

  • Classical Cardio - Fourth Position

    Master new footwork while raising your heart rate and burning fat for a lean dancer like physique. In this workout we practice fourth position with transfers, a step that you'll use again and again and will keep you in the fat burning zone

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Strive

    A total torso toning workout. Mat and standing exercise for a defined, strong dancer core. A fast paced, must do Sleek core workout

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Swan Lake

    Fire up on the mat and progress to a Swan Lake inspired classical dance sequence to shape your ballerina upper body

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Sweat!

    Designed to challenge your fitness levels and your footwork, this is fast but achievable. We use repetition of two balletic movements so you can familiarise yourself quickly with what is coming next for maximum high intensity results

  • Classical Cardio - Fifth Position

    Progress into fifth position while still nailing the basics of all your Sleek balletic workouts and getting lean and toned, dancer style.

  • Flex, Stretch and Tone

    A unique class to Sleek. Fire up, tone and lengthen your muscle fibres to improve technique, strength and flexibility

  • Sleek 10min Mat Abs

    A short, effective ab chiseling mat workout. Great on its own or add on to another Sleek workout.

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp™ - Shape

    Combining our 5 signature sections for a total body workout that delivers. Work through each section alongside us, then finish on the mat for extra core strengthening that will leave you feeling tighter and stronger

  • Pure Stretch - Chill

    This body and mind releasing class will stretch you out in order to keep muscles and joints supple, helping you to improve and realign posture so you can exercise more efficiently with better form and keep your body injury free.