Latest Sleek Workouts

Latest Sleek Workouts

Our latest Sleek Streaming Workouts and Catch Up Live Classes added to weekly

Latest Sleek Workouts
  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Ultimate Challenge

  • Bootcamp Barre - Head to Toe

    A fantastic leg and waist sculpting barre workout at a driving Bootcamp pace! This is the first part of a super bootcamp workout pair. 2nd instalment coming soon!

  • Ballet Balance Barre

    Practice it at the barre, work it through in the centre, feel the difference and wobbles allowed!

  • Sleeping Beauty - Aurora Workout

    Harness all the ballerina body benefits of dancing the lead in Sleeping Beauty in this beautiful, balletic workout. Including leg sculpting balances, sparkling footwork and luscious, back shaping port de bras.

  • Ballet Booty - Attitude

    Give your glutes and hamstrings some serious attitude. Mat to centre in this most loved, 30 minute live class

  • Full Body Live Class Week - Intro

    Find out what’s in store in this carefully curated Sleek live class collection, designed to work your entire body across one great week of Sleek! Head to the Workout Program section to get started.

  • NEW Sleek Arms and Abs Live

    One of my favourite live classes! Sculpt your entire upper body including super lengthening ab work.

  • NEW Stretch - cool down/warm up

    Grab a chair and finish off your workout with a calming, mobility-enhancing stretch. This also works equally well as a warm-up.

  • Abs with Attitude

    The first of a new live mini class series! Work your entire core with serious attitude for a fired up, strong core.

  • NEW Full Ballerina Body - Dance with Sophie

    A beautiful balletic class that will help improve your fitness, strength and technique. A fun and challenging workout.

  • Full Body Torch

    Need a bit of everything fast? Boost every part of your body with this total Sleek live class.

  • Lower Abs - Live Class

    Really work your lower abs for a stronger flatter core. A swift-moving mat section that zeros in on your lower abs followed by a fun, heart-raising, core-focused standing section.

  • Ballet Is Beautiful - Light

    The latest in this classical workout series. Flowing mat into a light and uplifting ballet sequence that raises the heart rate as you move your entire body

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp 'Switch up' 2 - Upper Body

    The 2nd Bootcamp Switch Up series. 2 full body workouts designed to be alternated daily, each with a specific focus area. This one is all about our Upper Body!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp 'Switch Up' 2 - Core

    The 2nd Bootcamp Switch Up series. 2 full body workouts designed to be alternated daily, each with a specific focus area. This one is all about Core!

  • Root to Relevé

    Ease yourself into the day with this all levels, steady build class that gets you and your body feeling great

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Classical 2

    The second in a series of leg sculpting classical classes for all levels. Redefine your dancer-like legs!

  • Dancer Body - Steely Abs and Legs

    Get ready for Sleek class that will leave your core and lower body feeling strong and defined

  • Sleek Resist & Sculpt

    Resist & Sculpt is a dynamic, compact resistance workout that leverages your own body weight to chisel and fortify your muscles. This routine includes a diverse range of exercises designed to enhance tone and strength. It provides an added challenge yet is suitable for all levels.

  • Summer Leg Sculpt

    Slower pace to suit beginners to all levels. Includes, barre centre and short mat section for maximum Sleek leg sculpting!

  • Ballet Booty - Squeeze

    Glutes and hamstrings get a sleek squeeze in this lower back strengthening, booty firing live class

  • Beginners Floor Barre

    Warm up, stretch and tone in this simple feel-good floor barre workout. A great start to the day or to proceed any of your other sleek workouts

  • Cardio Abs - No Jump Sweat!

    Raise your heart rate, strengthen and tone your core but keep your feet on the ground in this 30 minute live class with Flik

  • Full Body Cardio High

    Join Principal trainer Sophie and give it your all in this full body cardio class. You’ll work all the muscle groups in your body with high-energy movements in the centre before hitting the mat for added strength, tone and definition.