Fat Burning Sleek Plan

Fat Burning Sleek Plan

A combination of raising your heart rate and utilizing your body weight when training will raise your resting metabolic rate and increasing the total number of calories your body burns throughout the day. Tone up and shed any excess fat fast by following the guide below.

*Complete 2 workouts in each session (except on days that you do Ballet Bootcamp Encore, this is a stand-alone workout)
*On as many days as possible, proceed your sessions with the 5-minute Sleek warm-up and finish with the cool down.
*Allow 2 to 3 rest days in a 7 day period but preferably not consecutively.

Day 1
Warm-up, + Barre and Sleek Shred Arms - Total time 42mins
Day 2
Cardio Blast + Cool Down - Total time 25mins
Day 3 - Rest
Day 4
Warm-up + Cardio Blast and Dancer Refined Abs Mat - Total time 33mins
Day 5
Pro Legs and Sleek Shred Arms 2 - Total time 30mins
Day 6 - Rest
Day 7
Cardio Ballet Blast + 10 Minute Abs - Total time 20mins
Day 8
Ballet Bootcamp Encore- Total time 40mins
Day 9
Active stretch Total time - 12mins

You can rotate this program for up to 4 weeks and enjoy the massive changing shape of your Sleek body as you burn fat and get gorgeous definition!

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Fat Burning Sleek Plan
  • Getting started with Sleek - Tutorial

    Get your ballet positions nailed with professional dancers and Sleek co-founders Victoria and Flik. Then start shaping your ballerina body in your chosen Sleek program!

  • 5 Minute Sleek Warm Up

    Prepare yourself, get muscles fired and get ready to Sleek!

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Burn

    Love barre but love to feel a burn too? Look no further! We still work through all our classical barre work but with reps and pulses that will leave your muscles feeling worked and toned after just one class

  • Sleek Shred - Ballerina Back & Arms

    Upper body tone fast in the power pack 10 minutes! Great on its own or the perfect add on when you want rapid results in a focused area.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Sweat!

    Designed to challenge your fitness levels and your footwork, this is fast but achievable. We use repetition of two balletic movements so you can familiarise yourself quickly with what is coming next for maximum high intensity results

  • 5 Minute Sleek Cool Down

    The perfect way to end your Sleek session. It helps you lengthen muscles and stay injury-free.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Ignite

    Get dancing, get moving, feel confident in some new choreography and get your heart rate up and shape up!

  • Dancer Refined Abs Mat - Fire

    It's time to get motivated, strong and defined. This is mat work that will get your core fired up and break a serious sweat. Watch out for the standing abs follow up too.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Cardio

    Use classical allegro to get the ballerina tone you are after in under 20 minutes.

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Back & Arms

    All levels, 10-minute mat-based workout to help you achieve a beautiful strong, toned back and lean, sculpted arms

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Fly

    A super effective, dance-filled cardio blast that will leave you feeling worked uplifted and energised!

  • 10 Minute Mat Abs

    A short but super effective ab sculpting workout. Beautiful Sleek ab definition and tone in 10 short minutes!

  • 40min Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Encore

    Our famous total body reshaper! Sleek Ballet Bootcamp Encore is everything you need in 40 powerful minutes!