Lower Body & Barre - Live Classes on Catch Up

Lower Body & Barre - Live Classes on Catch Up

A selection of our lower body and barre online classes. Recorded live as they happen. Fancy being live online with us for feedback and group motivation? Book a spot in one of our daily small group classes online with Victoria, Flik or the team. Click 'Live Classes' on the sleekballetfitness.com homepage menu for our schedule.

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Lower Body & Barre - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Stretch and Sweat Barre - Invigour

    A new class in this loved series where we burn, sweat and lengthen on the mat and at the barre

  • Abs & Booty Cardio Barre - 30mins

    The full class, out by popular demand. Hit 3 key areas with this class! Great for toning, shaping and firming your legs, glutes and abs as well as getting a little cardio kick!

  • Burn the Floor Lower Body Class

    Shaping chassé work to lift your heart rate and power your legs

  • Ballet Booty - Control

    Focusing on lifting the glutes and toning the tops of the legs. We work through mat to centre exercises for an instant burn and shape

  • Ballet Booty Lift - Tighten!

    Lift and extend your way to a stronger booty. Using tight and targeted movements, you’ll challenge your glutes, hamstrings, and core in this fun and fiery workout!

  • Ballet Booty lift - Sculpt

    Work to firm, tighten and sculpt out that back of the leg area with a focus on the booty. Mat to standing for an instant feeling of tightness and lift!

  • Ballet Booty - Lift

    Get your booty lifted and your lower body toned, tightened and lengthened with a fun, challenging sequence to finish

  • Bootcamp Barre - Compact

    This compact, upbeat ballet barre workout is perfect for shaping your legs and bottom whilst improving your posture and flexibility.

  • Perfect Pro Legs Catch Up

    A punchy pro legs workout to raise your heart rate as you strengthen and define your lower body

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Catch Up Live

    Work from the mat to the centre, firing up your legs and booty for ultimate shape, strength and tone

  • Bootcamp Barre - Classic

    A super effective blend of classical barre that flows at Bootcamp pace. A complete workout for your Sleek physique!

  • Sleek Barre Technique Catch Up

    Classical barre, ballet dancers daily workout to shape a refined, classical physique.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Shape

    Sculpting mat work builds to a centre practice with light cardio. Lengthening out ensures long, strong muscle tone. A 30 minute power punch!

  • Perfect Pro legs - Catch Up Live

    Perfect, total lower body toning dancer style!

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Tendus to Transfers

    A pacey, lower body class with a classical cardio feel. Tap into your ballerina legs, boost endurance, feel invigorated!

  • Matt Barre

    This ballet floor barre workout is great for beginners and even advanced exercisers to do at home. Improve strength and technique as well as tone your legs and butt in just 20 minutes.

  • Core Adage Barre - Catch Up Live

    Catch up on this beautifully constructed barre workout with a strong focus on core and lower body strengthening

  • Barre Technique - Catch Up Live

    A live class classical barre with Victoria. A Sleekers favourite! let your lower body enjoy.

  • Sleek Bootcamp Barre

    A combination of your 2 favorite classes! An upbeat, sweat-inducing barre workout to tone and sculpt your legs and booty.