Lower Body & Barre - Live Classes on Catch Up

Lower Body & Barre - Live Classes on Catch Up

A selection of our lower body and barre online classes. Recorded live as they happen. Fancy being live online with us for feedback and group motivation? Book a spot in one of our daily small group classes online with Victoria, Flik or the team. Click 'Live Classes' on the sleekballetfitness.com homepage menu for our schedule.

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Lower Body & Barre - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Glide and Flow - Lower Body

    Glissades, chasses, sissones. Flow your way through this lower body workout

  • Booty to Battement

    With a fiery focus on the glutes and hamstrings, build to heart rate lifting battement centre work

  • Hips, Glutes and Booty

    Start with some juicy hip release on the mat before firing up the heart rate with a lower body burn in the centre

  • NEW Ballet Barre - Live Class

    A classical ballet body sculpting barre class to soothe your mind and work your body.

  • Ballet Booty - Attitude

    Give your glutes and hamstrings some serious attitude. Mat to centre in this most loved, 30 minute live class

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Classical 2

    The second in a series of leg sculpting classical classes for all levels. Redefine your dancer-like legs!

  • Dancer Body - Steely Abs and Legs

    Get ready for Sleek class that will leave your core and lower body feeling strong and defined

  • Ballet Booty - Squeeze

    Glutes and hamstrings get a sleek squeeze in this lower back strengthening, booty firing live class

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Classical 1

    A really popular live class to shape your dancer-like legs fast! Simple, super-effective classical moves to redefine your lower body.

  • Natural Resistance - Beach Express

    Join me live on the beach or just pop a pair of socks on and really use the push-and-pull action along your floor at home to add natural resistance to every movement. Fantastic for super quick tone, strength and beautiful muscle symmetry.

  • Dynamic Barre - Live Class

    All about legs! This week's barre class works up steadily to a light cardio pace keeping a strong focus on our inner thighs, glutes, thighs and calves

  • Mind & Body Barre Class

    Really work and shape your lower body while you calm and settle your mind. Includes mat and barre.

  • Love to stretch - Barre

    Start or end your day feeling totally stretched out and gently worked in this 30 minute live class.

  • Barre and Stretch

    A delicious combination of classical barre and mat stretching for a full body workout that could either wind down or start up your day.

  • Legs of Steel

    A fantastic workout to leave you feeling worked, lengthened and pushed. The lower body focus gets a burn going but you'll walk away feeling great and looking forward to doing it again!

  • Luscious Limbs - Low Impact Live Class

    A low-impact class focussing on the small and large muscle groups of the legs, back and arms for beautifully toned limbs, improved balance and posture.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Plié and Pulse

    Build on this extra effective leg shaping sequence for a strong, sleek lower body

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Fluid strength

    A lower body catch up class that takes you through all the classical movements your legs need for strength, tone and flexibility.

  • Legs Abs - Heat Them Up!

    Get going with this fiery combination of legs and abs for a heart rate lifting super-charged body!

  • Lower Body Booty POWER

    Grab some water and your mat and power through this lower body workout that focuses on lifting and firming the hamstrings and glutes

  • Barre and Stretch

    A stand alone workout that combines a mini barre with juicy stretching. A great morning class or stack this with your favourite workout for a longer Sleek session

  • Perfect pro legs - Build and Burn

    Work into your glutes, thighs and hamstrings in this heart rate lifting, muscle refining class with a burn!

  • Dynamic Barre

    A 25-minute dynamic barre that will leave your legs fully worked and your cardio box ticked! If you loved the mini dynamic barre then enjoy the fast track results with this longer, higher intensity session.

  • Barre Technique - Catch Up Live

    On our travels, both together for a full-length barre for all levels. A fantastic lower body shaper!