Living In Full Flow

Living In Full Flow

The 7 Sleek workouts in this program are designed not only to sculpt your body, they include movement to enhance the function and flow of energy through the bodies 7 major natural energy points. The flow of energy from this circuitry plays a deterministic role in our emotional, physical and spiritual health and means you will experience even more far-reaching results from improved posture and flexibility to stress relief, better digestion and sleep. This program is perfectly paired with the Living In Full Flow: 21-day Mind-body Nutrition Plan which is available to purchase separately on Seven chakras, 7 beautiful Sleek workouts, and a stunning food and nutrition plan that you will love and incorporate for a lifetime.

· Looking to radiate more energy and confidence in the way you move? Work on your Solar Plexus.
· Aches and pains affecting your lower body or back? Time to give attention to your Root.
· Wish you could move through difficult emotions with more fluidity? Explore your Solar Plexus or belly chakra.
· Challenges with sleep impacting your rest and recovery time? The solution may lie with your Third Eye.

In this 21 day program, we recommend you workout daily, little and often and allow 3 days on each system for the best shape and wellbeing results.

Day 1 to 3
Root Chakra - Lower Body
Total daily workout time - 15mins

Day 4 to 6
Sacral Chakra - Hips
Total daily workout time - 16mins

Day 7 to 9
Solar Plexus - Core
Total daily workout time 16mins

Day 10 to 12
Heart - Upper Body
Total daily workout time 18mins

Day 13 to 15
Throat - Move and Express
Total daily workout time 13mins

Day 16 to 18
Third Eye - Balance
Total daily workout time 12mins

Day 19 to 21
Crown - Full body
Total daily workout time 20mins

Living In Full Flow
  • Root Chakra - Lower Body Workout

    The first in the series and the first of the chakras. Root is to do with our stability and safety. This workout will strengthen and tone your lower body, prepare you for all your other workouts and leave you feeling long, strong and centred.

  • Sacral Chakra - Hip opening

    This beautiful workout focusing on the second chakra will create openness in your hip area, release tension and improve energy flow.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Love your Core

    The third chakra, the solar plexus, is located in the centre of the chest. This workout works to strengthen and balance the entire surrounding area, the core, the centre of every dancer's technique.

  • Heart Chakra - Upper Body tone and release

    The fourth heart chakra is about love, compassion, expansion and directly relates to your chest arms and wrists. This is a toning, joyful workout focused on your upper body.

  • Throat Chakra - Move and Express

    The fifth throat chakra represents self-expression. Start to move and express yourself through your body in this beautifully fluid workout.

  • Third Eye Chakra - Visualisation and Balance

    Visualisation, openness and imagination are centred around the third eye chakra. In this workout, work through balances and turns to release blocked energy located between the eye brows and improve balance, tone and strength.

  • Crown Chakra - Total body wellbeing

    This final workout in the series focuses on the seventh chakra located at the top of the head. Encompass a full mind body workout that will leave you feeling connected and fulfilled.