Body & Mind Ballet Class Program

Body & Mind Ballet Class Program

Music and movement has always had the power to stimulate our minds and bodies. The ability to uplift and energising or restoring calm. The Body and Mind Ballet Program is a beautiful series of classes all of which have the amazing body sculpting benefits of ballet fitness; each with a unique purpose in helping to set your frame of mind.

From Energising and reviving to balance and calm and everything in between. Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, there is a workout for you. Personalise this program in line with YOUR daily needs and start each day as you mean to go on.

We suggest you start with Body and Mind - Fortify to prepare your mind as well as your muscles and solidify your technique. Then choose the class you feel your body and mind need each day. Every class can be combined with the Body and Mind Ballerina Stretch class, the perfect restorative finish to your workout.

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Body & Mind Ballet Class Program
  • Body & Mind Ballet - Fortify

    Steady-paced muscle firing for great technique & shaping. The perfect preparation for Body and Mind

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Lift

    A beautiful short ballet class that will lift your mood your muscles and your cardiovascular rate!

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Serenity

    Restore calm and stillness to your mind while you work and shape your body classically & gracefully at barre and in the centre

  • Body & Mind Ballerina Stretch - Calm

    A full-body ballerina stretch class. Designed for your total well-being, body and mind. Suitable for all levels but finishing with a 5-minute super-stretch challenge to work towards ;)

  • Ballerina Stretch Class

    A Full Body classical stretch class to relax, enjoy and lengthen

  • Body & Mind Ballet Class - Balance

    A class designed to shape your body in the most refined, classical way whilst balancing and focusing your mind when you need it most.

  • Body and Mind Ballet Class - Energise

    This workout also features in our Ballet Technique program. As well as strengthening your body and technique it is designed to leave you feeling beautifully revived and energised.

  • Body & Mind Express

    An all-in-one workout in 3 compact sections. 1) Revive and awaken your muscles and brain. 2) Energise and increase circulation 3) Finish feeling calm and focused with a balletic, rejuvenating stretch.