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Beginners Programme 2

Beginners Programme 2

If you are totally new to dance then we recommend completing both beginner programmes before moving on to the Sleek Body Starter Plan. Complete 1 to 2 workouts in this curated plan per day. Aim to take 2 to 3 rest days in a 7 day period but preferably not consecutively. Continue to establish your technique, awaken, some new muscles and enjoy the beautiful changes in your shape and posture as you follow this second beginner plan.

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Beginners Programme 2
  • Sleek Essentials - Warm Up

    Gently, warm-up, lengthen and stretch your muscles. The perfect start to any Sleek day and to prep your body beautifully for your workout ahead.

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Beginner

    Learn the essentials, master your technique and shape, define and lengthen all at once

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Essentials

    Learn how to work your core, dancer style. This designed for beginners but effective for all levels. Not a crunch in sight!

  • Sleek Shred - Perfect Pro Legs

    Short on time? This express 10min workout gets your lower body lean, fast!

  • Sleek Shred 2 - Abs

    A steady-paced trio of 10-minute workouts suitable for all levels. This one focuses on total core tone.

  • Flex, Stretch & Tone - Extend

    A unique class to Sleek using your own body to create resistance for ultimate toning and strength and length. All still at low impact and suitable for all.

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Giselle

    This workout takes its inspiration from movements in two of the best known classical ballets to define your upper body in the most balletic way.

  • Sleek Dance - Express!

    Part of our Express trilogy of workouts. A beautiful way to DANCE way to your way to a toned body while raising your heart rate and speeding up your metabolism.

  • Sleek Essentials - Cool Down

    Leave muscles feeling long and lengthened and stay injury-free. A good cool down is essential for the best body results