Baby Sleek ™ Series

Baby Sleek ™ Series

Created while we were both pregnant with our first babies. Dancel safely and effectively with us through all 3 trimesters and beyond post partum to reclaim your shape.

Baby Sleek ™ Series
  • Baby Sleek ™ - Legs

    Hit the mat and feel the burn with this intense floor series to shape your thighs, calves and glutes. Low impact exercises with high impact results

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Flow

    A full body workout to tone, strengthen and improve circulation by gently and safely lifting the heart rate. Suitable during your pregnancy and beyond

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Relax

    Take five minutes to do this every day. Gentle stretches to keep your muscles and joints pain free finishing with relaxation for you and baby

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Flex, Stretch and Tone

    A low impact high results workout to firm, tone, tighten and fire up even the smallest muscles for better technique and maximum results

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Barre 1

    The first of two ballet barre workouts designed to firm up, shape and strengthen the muscles in the entire lower body. Additional focus on the pelvic floor will keep you feeling strong and supported throughout the latter stages of pregnancy and help towards quicker recovery after baby arrives

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Barre 2

    Ready to move on from your first barre workout? Barre Firm is a great lower body focused workout for for firm toned glutes, beautiful leg lines and perfect posture

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Classical Cardio

    A beautiful workout which introduces the basics of ballet to you and your growing little one before building in intensity for extra calorie burning benefits towards the end of your session. Designed by us to keep you feeling in tip top shape throughout your pregnancy

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Ballerina Back & Arms

    An upbeat mat workout offering extra postural support during your changing shape. Upper body tone and strength when you need it most. Keep free from back ache while shaping and defining your arms and back

  • Baby Sleek ™ - Back & Arms Blast

    The most effective way to strengthen your spine and create ballerina refined muscles in your upper back and arms. This elegant and effective workout will also give you firm, strong arms ready for carrying baby without the bulk. Weights are optional