Lower Body & Barre - Intermediate to Challenging

Lower Body & Barre - Intermediate to Challenging

If perfectly toned legs and bottom is what you are after then this collection of workouts delivers!

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Lower Body & Barre - Intermediate to Challenging
  • Perfect Pro Legs - Cardio

    Use classical allegro to get the ballerina tone you are after in under 20 minutes.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Push

    A great build to a real cardio push in this complete lower body shaping, upbeat workout.

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Classical Burn

    Beautiful balletic steps build into a leg quivering, super shaping sequence that you will really feel working!

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Plié

    A lower body workout to sculpt your thighs and glutes, superboost your metabolism and burn calories. Specifically designed exercises on the mat and centre

  • Core Adage Barre - Extend

    One of our most requested low impact barre workouts that will still leave you trembling! Working exactly as dancers do to create strength by holding and sustaining positions, your muscles will shape and tone without the bulk

  • Core Adage Barre - Sustain

    A classical barre that will improve your balance, core stability and leg extensions with slower, more sustained exercises for stunning shaping results

  • Legs and Abs with Sleek Guest Trainer Ramon Sanchez

    Designed to alternate between working your abs and core before putting all that newly created muscle power together to finish with a mat exercise that will simultaneously define every inch of both.