Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up

Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up

Get the best of our full-body live online classes on catch up. Work your whole body dancer style! Why not book into the online studio live with us? Book single or class packs. Click 'Live Classes' in the menu on our sleekballetfitness.com homepage

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Full Body - Live Classes on Catch Up
  • Whole Body Active Stretch

    Let's open and stretch every muscle in the body together through this active, moving stretch class

  • Full Ballerina Body Class - with Sophie

    A gorgeous new classical, full-body live class. Dance, stretch and lengthen with Sophie

  • Ballet Is Beautiful - Light

    The latest in this classical workout series. Flowing mat into a light and uplifting ballet sequence that raises the heart rate as you move your entire body

  • Natural Resistance - Beach Express

    Join me live on the beach or just pop a pair of socks on and really use the push-and-pull action along your floor at home to add natural resistance to every movement. Fantastic for super quick tone, strength and beautiful muscle symmetry.

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Live Class

    A feel good full body bootcamp with extra focus on leg tone and strength.

  • Bootcamp Sweat to Stretch!

    Extended length Bootcamp! Get your full body sweat on with an extra long stretch for the perfect finale that leaves you feeling strong, energised and worked!

  • Ballet is Beautiful!

    A unique and energising mat sequence followed by a purely classical centre practice that you’ll love!

  • Sassy and Sleek

    It's all the Sassy you want in 30 minutes with Flik - warm up, dance and mat - let's go!

  • Sleek 'Sassy' Bootcamp!

    The most effective 5 section, full body Sleek workout with a unique, sassy twist. Have fun!

  • Low Impact Bootcamp - Live Class

    A Sleek Bootcamp live class designed to be kind to your joints but still deliver intense tone and a satisfying sweat. Look out for the new step! Renversé.

  • Flex Stretch and Super Tone!

    Try something new. Get exceptional muscle strength, tone and flexibility in one all-encompassing workout that will define your ballerina shape.

  • Bootcamp - Breathe

    A fluid, full-body, feel-good class with an added focus on breath, circulation, thoracic release and core toning

  • Ballerina Body Express with Sophie

    A chance to join Sleek Principal trainer Sophie in an express version of her popular Full Ballerina Body live class. Warm Up, mat and barre gives you the perfect total body workout when time is short.

  • *Ballet Tutorial Class 2

    Great for all levels, enjoy a quick warmup/recap on the steps featured in Tutorial 1 before we move on to learn and perfect fondu, frappé and ballonné. Finishes with a center sequence which combines all the movements we have worked on and solidifies the progress you have made.

  • Ballet Tutorial Class 1

    A tutorial-style class, fantastic for beginners and all wanting to brush up on their ballet technique. Covering 4 muscle shaping, ballet fundamentals: Plié, glissade, tendu and rond de jambe.

  • 50min Full Ballerina Body with Sophie

    A totally luxuriating and comprehensive class working at a steady pace to establish your ballerina technique

  • Hips, hams and abs - strong and supple

    The perfect class to release tension in your hips and lower back while strengthening your abs.

  • Ballet Bootcamp - Target!

    A fast pace classic ballet bootcamp class designed to target your entire body and leave you feeling worked!

  • SB Ballet Bootcamp

    An express full body Ballet Bootcamp workout focusing on great muscle symmetry!

  • Nail the Basics Bootcamp

    Get your technique Sleek and your body firing with this beginner's level, highly effective sweat inducing full body classic!

  • 40min Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Live in London

    An Encore style, killer 40 minute Sleek Bootcamp live from London. Get the full-body burn on catch up!

  • Ballet Class - Petit Allegro

    A full barre followed by center work drawing together elements of coordination, epaulement, balance and jumps. This is a more advanced class including petit allegro (small jumps)

  • Ballet Class - Epaulement & Pirouette

    A smooth and musical ballet class starting to focus on upper body epaulement at the barre and introducing pirouettes to the center.

  • Ballet Class - Port de Bras & Adage

    A melodic, classical ballet class including barre and centre to refine your physique, work on beautiful port de bras and improve your stability in adage.