Sleek Supermodel Series

Sleek Supermodel Series

Get supermodel fitness secrets with this beautiful series of workouts in collaboration with wellness wonder and supermodel Tatiana

Sleek Supermodel Series
  • 21-Day-Ballet-Body-Workout-Plan*.pdf

    58.1 MB

    A beautiful daily workout program to guide you through your Sleek supermodel workouts. Download it to quickly access your workouts via live links and get great recipes and the top model tips included.

  • Tutorial to refresh the basics

    Refresh your ballet positions of the arms and legs before we get going with the program!

  • Classical Cardio - Supermodel Series

    New to Sleek or ballet? Let this balletic beginner workout guide you as you shape and sculpt your dancer body and gently lift your heart rate

  • Dancer Refined Abs - Supermodel Series

    Sculpt a strong dancer core with this mat based workout that will also lift your heart rate to create lean muscle definition

  • Sleek Barre Technique - Supermodel Series

    Workout dancer-style at the 'barre' with a focus on toning and defining the lower body while achieving beautiful technique.

  • Ballerina Back and Arms - Supermodel Series

    A beautiful workout for creating tone and definition in the back and arms. Create long, lean lines and improve posture.

  • Active Stretch - Supermodel Series

    Classical movements with luxurious stretches to flatten out muscle fibers and keep our joints happy, for a supple, healthy body

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Supermodel Series

    For toned, lean, beautifully shaped legs and glutes. Work through this focussed class which builds from low impact shaping to more dynamic steps