Burn fat, raise your heart rate and increase your metabolism with these balletic blasts!

  • Cardio - Beginners

    11 videos

    We dance, we get sweaty but at a pace where we learn the Sleek basics as we get lean and strong. You won't even notice you're working out!

  • Cardio - Intermediate and Challenging

    16 videos

    Ready to burn fat and calories ballerina style? This is where we step up the choreography so you can achieve even greater ballerina body results

  • Cardio - Live Classes on Catch Up

    7 videos

    Raise your heart rate dancer style! Get super Sleek with an extra push in live classes on catch up. We run daily classes you can join live online in small Zoom groups for feedback, motivation and to accelerate your results. Click on Live Classes in the menu of our homepage ...