Barre Body Beautiful

Barre Body Beautiful

Alternate between targeted barre workouts to wake up, engage and elongate your muscles, build deep strength and improve flexibility, all while working in the most classical of ways - at the barre. This series is perfect if you're short on time so grab your chair or barre and let's get started! Repeat this workout programme up to 3 times for 21 days of total ballerina results! Take a gentler class on Day 7 or choose to rest completely. Follow the suggested rotation below for maximum efficiency.

Days 1 Focus and Feel Your Barre Body
Floor Barre followed by Sleek Barre Technique Fluidity - Total 31 MINS

Day 2 Streamline and Sculpt
Sleek Barre Technique - Streamline - Total 30 MINS

Day 3 Shape and Align
Sleek Barre Technique - Ballerina Shape - Total 30MINS

Day 4 Progress and Perfect
Sleek Barre Technique - Classic Flow OR Sleek Bootcamp Barre Catch Up - 27 MINS

Day 5 - Resist and Redefine
Flex Stretch & Tone - Extend Total 21MINS

Day 6 Practice like the Pros
Option to repeat Floor Barre followed by Full Ballerina Body 3 - Total 41mins or 25mins

Day 7 Rest or Relax
Take a full rest day or practice Pure Stretch 2 - Total 18 Mins

Barre Body Beautiful
  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Mat Barre

    An essential, all levels workout that you can do every day on its own or before any other workout. This will strengthen and sculpt your muscles safely and effectively, improving technique, core strength and posture

  • Sleek Barre Technique - Fluidity

    A ballerina staple. This barre blast is suitable for every day and will sculpt out toned dancer legs in an express 16mins. Sleek LOVES Barre.

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Streamline

    Back to the barre! Grab your chair and enjoy this beautiful, balletic barre workout, filmed while we were performing together in Norway. Work through each classical barre exercise to sculpt every inch of your body and streamline Sleek, supple legs and hips

  • Sleek Barre Technique ™ - Ballerina Shape

    Authentic balletic barre with a punch! This workout focuses on lower body but with the added elements of port de bras and pace, you really get total body results.

  • Sleek Bootcamp Barre

    A combination of your 2 favorite classes! An upbeat, sweat-inducing barre workout to tone and sculpt your legs and booty.

  • Sleek Barre Technique - Classic Flow

    Taking you through all the key movements used by dancers in their training to shape, tone and firm a ballerina body. This is the start of total body strength, control and elegance. The workout used by the pros!

  • Flex, Stretch & Tone - Extend

    A unique class to Sleek using your own body to create resistance for ultimate toning and strength and length. All still at low impact and suitable for all.

  • Full Ballerina Body 3

    Our most classical workout, a total ballerina body class. Includes mat work, barre and centre

  • Pure Stretch - Splits

    Luxuriating stretching for long, sleek, supple muscles, flexible joints and good body realignment. PLUS start challenging yourself with practicing splits for even better results across your Sleek workout regime