Flow your Sleek Week

Flow your Sleek Week

When the flow is right your mind and body feel incredible. Join us in 6 flow focused live classes to take you through your week feeling lengthened, energised, toned and worked.

Choose from a focused flow area: lower body, upper body, core and cardio or enjoy a full body mobility flow. Practice one 30 minute class a day or stack 2 classes together for a longer, more challenging flow session, all fresh from the Sleek live studio with us, Flik and Victoria.

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Flow your Sleek Week
  • Flow and Open Mobility

    A truly beneficial way to work functional mobility with a Sleek dancer flow 'twist'!

  • Glide and Flow - Lower Body

    Glissades, chasses, sissones. Flow your way through this lower body workout

  • Sculpt and Flow - Upper Body

    Love this one! Super sculpting mat and standing workout for your upper body (legs and core too) Optional pilates ball section for extra resistance!

  • Low Flow Cardio

    This is the class your heart will love. Low impact, super flowing and continuous movement. It's cardio without knowing it!

  • Sculpt and Flow - Abs

    A steady focused workout that builds in pace to really zeros in on your core from every angle.