Ballet Form & Function Workout Program - with Jenna Caley

Ballet Form & Function Workout Program - with Jenna Caley

In the Ballet Form and Function series of workouts, Principal Ballerina Jenna will lead you through some of the top pro exercises for improved dancer strength, tone, flexibility and joint health. Your body will look and feel worked, balanced, strong and centered. There will be a new workout released each day. Together they are a perfectly balanced program suitable for all levels.

We are delighted to bring you this series of workouts with world-class former Principal Ballerina Jenna Roberts. Now married to the equally impressive Joseph Caley, the pair have been stars of the professional ballet world for 17 years. Throughout her career, Jenna used Pilates alongside her ballet training to maintain her famously strong yet lithe physique and to help her return stronger than ever from a serious injury. After retiring from full-time performing in 2018 Jenna studied Pilates and has become a sought-after instructor both here in the UK and in her home country of Australia. Follow along with this week-long program from Jenna and continue to combine the workouts as you progress.

Day 1 - Lower Body
15min Barre & Burn with Jenna

Day 2 - Core
10min Intense Abs with Jenna

Day 3 - Full Body
10min Standing Full Body Express with Jenna

Day 4 - Back & Arms
15min Upper Body with Jenna

Day 5 - Full Body
30min Full Body and Stretch with Jenna

Ballet Form & Function Workout Program - with Jenna Caley
  • 15min Barre & Burn - with Jenna

    For those of you looking to turn up the heat, this class is your ticket to an intense session that will have you feeling the burn in no time. Regular sessions will build strength and create a long, lean, and sculpted figure.

  • 10min Pro Abs - with Jenna

    Perfect for those of you short on time. Each session will help strengthen your core, lengthen and balance your body.

  • Standing Full Body Express - With Jenna

    Perfect for shaping your whole body whilst working on the strength and functionality of your movements to prepare you for all your other Sleek workouts.

  • 15min Upper Body - with Jenna

    Calm, fluid but with intense focus on sculpting your ballerina back and arms

  • 30min Full Body - with Jenna

    Combine stretching with core, upper and lower work for a full body, feel good make-over on the mat