Don Quixote - Ballerina Body Program

Don Quixote - Ballerina Body Program

In this beautiful series of workouts, we are joined by Principal ballerina Céline Gittens as she prepares to dance the lead in Carlos Acosta's new production of Don Quixote.
Follow the guide set out below to get show ready and super Sleek as we take you through daily barre work, centre and mat in this wonderfully effective program inspired by the warmth, fun and Spanish flair of Don Quixote!

With workouts options from 12 to 45 mins, you can make this program fit into your schedule and start to feel and see the ballet body sculpting effects in just a few days.
We hope you love it as much as we do!

Victoria, Flik and Céline x

Day 1 to 3
Beginners or if you are short on time, complete the 20min Bootcamp Barre - Don Quixote days 1, 2 and 3 to set up your technique, tone and trim your legs.
More Advanced? Complete Full Ballet Body - Don Quixote days 1,2 and 3 for a full 45min Sleek session.

Total Workout Time
20mins/45mins daily

Day 4
Rest or complete Refine and Define Mat for core strength and muscle length

Total Workout Time

Day 5 to 7
Beginner or short on time? Complete 15min Classical Cardio - Don Quixote daily to raise your heart rate burn calories and improve core stability
More Advanced? Complete Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Olé daily on these days for a full-body workout and an extra cardio push.

Total Workout Time
15mins/30mins daily

Day 8
Rest or complete Bootcamp Barre or Refine and Define Mat.

Total Workout Time

Day 9 to 11
Beginners and Advanced - Alternate between 45min Full Ballet Body -Don Quixote and 30min Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Olé on these days.

Total Workout Time

Day 12
Rest or complete Refine and Define Mat
Total Workout Time
0/12mins daily

This workout program can be repeated for up to 8 weeks. With repartition, you will continue to see improvement in both your technique, strength, stamina and body shape. Nothing shapes and tones your body like ballet and we have loved training with beautiful ballerina Céline before her big debut.
Wishing both you and her fantastic progress as you get show fit with this program!

Don Quixote - Ballerina Body Program
  • Bootcamp Barre - Don Quixote

    Principal ballerina Celine Gittens get show ready with us in this 20-minute, continuous barre workout inspired by Birmingham Royal Ballet's wonderful new production of Don Quixote. It is fantastic for shaping a lean, toned lower body in express time! Olé

  • Classical Cardio - Don Quixote

    We are joined again by Principal ballerina Celine Gittens for a 15-minute balletic center workout that builds methodically into a great, classical cardio dance sequence. It will shape and strengthen your physique whilst getting a satisfying burn on!

  • Refine & Define Mat - Don Quixote

    A 15 minute mat workout, work alongside Principal ballerina Celine Gittens as she prepares to dance the lead in Don Quixote. Work on achieving great core strength, stability and shaping into your legs and glutes. Interspersing stretches mean you finish feeling long and lean.

  • Full Ballet Body - Don Quixote

    The full Don Quixote workout experience! All the Spanish flair, fun and effectiveness of the Don Q inspired barrre, centre and mat combined. A complete 45-minute intensive ballerina body shape, tone and lengthen session. We LOVE this!

  • Sleek Ballet Bootcamp - Olé

    A beautiful balletic, full-body workout with a wonderful Spanish flair! Focus systematically on each body area before building to a challenging, dance cardio sequence. The final workout in the NEW Don Quixote Program.