Ballet Blast - Workout Combo

Ballet Blast - Workout Combo

These 10-minute Ballet Blast workouts are great for cardio on their own or top and tail them with the Sleek Essentials Warm-up and Cooldown for a full-body fat-burning workout. Daily flexibility to build your session from 10 to 40-minutes.

Ballet Blast - Workout Combo
  • Sleek Essentials - Warm Up

    Gently, warm-up, lengthen and stretch your muscles. The perfect start to any Sleek day and to prep your body beautifully for your workout ahead.

  • Ballerina Back & Arms Blast

    A classical upper-body blast to slim, tone and refine your back and arms. Great on its own as a mini workout or perfectly paired with lower-body focused, Cardio Ballet Blast - Allegro.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Allegro

    A classical, lower-body focused, heart raising cardio blast that will get you in super Sleek shape fast! Perfectly paired with Ballerina Back & Arms Blast.

  • Cardio Ballet Blast - Fly

    A super effective, dance-filled cardio blast that will leave you feeling worked uplifted and energised!

  • Perfect Pro Legs - Cardio

    Use classical allegro to get the ballerina tone you are after in under 20 minutes.

  • Sleek Essentials - Cool Down

    Leave muscles feeling long and lengthened and stay injury-free. A good cool down is essential for the best body results