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Sleek Sound Healing Audio Series

Sleek Sound Healing Audio Series

Sound is all around us

Sleek Sound Healing Audio Series
  • Introduction to Sound Healing

    Understand what sound healing is and the incredible benefits you will receive from the sound series

  • Morning Reset

    Start your day afresh and with new energy in this uplifting, morning sound meditation

  • End of Day Release and Rest

    Allow the vibrational sounds to help you float into a totally relaxed state, aiding deep sleep.

  • Pure Sound Bath for Calm

    Take 10 minutes to do nothing but to immerse yourself in sound for deep relaxation and calm. Help to ease stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and replenish and rejuvenate yourself through vibrational sound healing.

  • Sound with Moving Mindfully

    Part of the Sleek Audio Series. Move, relax and restart, staying present throughout this feel good, moving meditation. Be guided through a session that will leave you with body and mind benefits that stay with you throughout your entire day and night. Feel gently stretched, calm, less anxious and...