Full Ballerina Body Program

Full Ballerina Body Program

If you have 25 to 45 minutes to exercise regularly and you want to harness the grace and beauty of ballet to get in dancer-like shape then this is the collection for you. A curated selection of some of our favourite Sleek Full Ballerina Body workouts, perfect for you to brush up on your classical technique and dance your way to increased balletic fitness, strength and flexibility. Some ballet experience is recommended for these classical classes.

Program Guide Lines:

*Complete one Full Ballerina Body class each day.
*On days you are short on time complete Full Ballerina Body - Diamonds.
*On the days you have longer to train add the Luxurious Sleek Stretch workout to your session.
*Take 1-2 rest days in 7.

Full Ballerina Body Program
  • Full Ballerina Body - Super Series

    A full classical ballerina body workout. Barre, centre work and stretch. Train like a dancer for beautiful dancer like shape and definition.

  • NEW Full Ballerina Body - Dance with Sophie

    A beautiful balletic class that will help improve your fitness, strength and technique. A fun and challenging workout.

  • Full Ballerina Body - Trio

    A beautiful classical workout with Sleek Principal Trainer Sophie. We love Sophie's brilliant and effective class composition. Test your balletic skills with a fun dance sequence while getting ballet fit.

  • Full Ballet Body - Don Quixote

    The full Don Quixote workout experience! All the Spanish flair, fun and effectiveness of the Don Q inspired barrre, centre and mat combined. A complete 45-minute intensive ballerina body shape, tone and lengthen session. We LOVE this!

  • Full Ballerina Body - Diamonds

    A gorgeous full ballet body workout inspired by the ultimate gems. A sparkling balletic, dance cardio workout with an added tone-up mat section to finish.

  • Full Ballerina Body - Ascend

    You will feel progress every day with this beautiful 40-minute full classical class. Work on strength, tone, cardio and flexibility with barre, center work and a split stretch to finish. Enjoy taking your technique and love of dance to a higher level.

  • Luxurious Sleek Stretch

    A beautiful calming full body feel good stretch. Perfectly paired with Full Ballerina Body - Diamond