Attitude - Live Class Program

Attitude - Live Class Program

Ready to give your week some extra attitude? This is the program for you. 1 barre class and 3 mat and centre classes focused on attitudes to shape the legs, glutes and core. Practice individually for 20-30 minutes of Sleek time or pair your workouts for between 50-60 minutes of bonus Sleeking.

Prepare your body and lift your heart rate with Classical Cardio Barre then choose from any of the 3 attitude focussed mat and centre workouts, Abs, Booty or Hips and Twists for a total workout that will leave you feeling strong, confident and toned. Aim for 3-6 days of attitude in your week

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Attitude - Live Class Program
  • Classical Cardio Barre

    Effective, muscle elongating, body boosting barre work in under 20 minutes

  • Abs with Attitude

    The first of a new live mini class series! Work your entire core with serious attitude for a fired up, strong core.

  • Ballet Booty - Attitude

    Give your glutes and hamstrings some serious attitude. Mat to centre in this most loved, 30 minute live class

  • Hips & Twists - Attitude

    Juicy mat mobility movements for the spine and hips, designed to work beautifully on its own or with Attitude Abs and Attitude Booty.